Unable to open site in FrontPage

I am having trouble publishing my web site that I made using FrontPage, when I enter my username and password... FrontPage just keeps on saying "connecting to web server" and that is it. Someone recommend that I try to open my remote site via "open site" to validate that I can get to the remote site, but I get the same result.
I am using FrontPage 2003 on XP Pro, I have no firewalls, I have no anti-virsus software running. I have verified with my ISP that I am using the correct domain name, user name and password.
Any suggestions?
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coreybryantConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you also do a scandisk / defrag?  And ask your hosting company to check the FPSE?

rlburrisAuthor Commented:
Corey... Thanks, but that doesn't help.
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