drivers doesnt get loaded

I have a laptop with windows XP
Since few days, I am getting error 'Harddrive detects Imminent failure' everytime I boot the machine. most of the time operating system loads properly. I am trying to find out whether that error - @harddrive is a false error or not.
However, many times, some drivers does not get loaded when machien boots - like the sound card driver - there is no VOLUME BAR and system just beeps there is no other soundd available!!!. The wireless card's driver also does not get loaded -
Why does this happen ?  

Pl help.
Thank you.
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The test itself generated the error which you mentioned. So only Toshiba can tell you what that means and what should be done to avoid or prevent that. It may be the case where they may tell you to replace the hard disk.

Normally it means that hard disk is corrupted and u need ot replace it.

This error message comes from the S.M.A.R.T. technology connected with your hard drive.  See this page:
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You may very well be experiencing a hard drive failure. That message is probably from the SMART (Self Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology') which analyzes the hard drives health.
The drivers as well as all software that runs your laptop reside on the hard drive.If the hard drive is failing it can lose critical data that runs the components you mentioned. After you backup your data ,you can test the hard drive with this generic test.
It uses a bootable floppy disk. If you don't have a flppy drive then you can find it on the Ultimate boot cd which is a bootable cd.
at999Author Commented:
If I have to replace the hard drive, how to find which model will fit into my laptop?

Does this show the harddrive details?
Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Computer management->Devicemanager->Disk drive

Does it show the hard disk that the laptop is on/??

Yes. that is the Disk type.
at999Author Commented:
my harddrive is TOSHIBA MK4025GAS
Is there any fix/test available for this type?
I tried to boot using compaq smart harddrive false error message detector - SP6975.exe but it does not work for TOSHIBBA's harddrive

I tried the harddrive test given on but i got message that everything is OK!!!!

at999Author Commented:
ok... i have planned to change the hard disk

how to find which will fit into my laptop?
which brand is better etc....
I would first try the Toshiba site, in the Support section.  Or if your laptop manufacturer is not Toshiba, try that site.
Here is the support page for this hard drive
Considerations for replacement would be physical size.This is a 2.5 inch drive,also yours is a 9.5mm high drive which is the thickness.This is important as it needs to fit into the laptop slot built around this specifictation for the hard drive.(funny how they mix measurement systems,English and metric)
 It is compatible with ATA-2/3/4/5/6 interface which means the laptop can handle ATA-6 drives which are IDE not SATA.
Rotatonal speed is 4,200rpm but you can probably go up to at least 5400rpm, if the laptop handles ATA-6.Perhaps even 7200rpm at 100MBs
Here are some models from newegg
If you are going above the 120GB size ensure you have XP service pack2 installed so support for the larger drive is there.
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