How to work with STRUTS

Hi All,
I want to make a JSP project but manager say use STRUTS technology (dont know why)
Im Using NetBeans and wanted to ask if someone can post a very simplr sample on how to create a JSP page with STRUTS and actually make it work.

I had many samples from internet but all when compile say problem


Just make a LOGIN page will be enough
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>>"Do u know how to pass parameters to the next page?"
You can use request to help you to do that.

request.setAttribute("whateverIdentificationHere", "anyValue");
return mapping.findForward(target);

Then in your JSP, you can get it using

>>"and if i have to do some Database work should i do it in the NameAction file?"
Yes, every business logic should be done in Action.

>>"what is diff between and"
Well, Action is the place where you will put all your business logics and etc. Form will only play part as the medium to send and retrieve the parameters from / to JSP. So let say that you are submitting one textbox value, it will go to the Form and the values in the Form will be retrieved in Action.

Hope that helps
gilbokerAuthor Commented:
I did the same sample as u sudgested but in my INDEX.jsp there is a problem with my FORM TAG!

<html:form action="name" name="nameForm" type="STRUTS.NameForm">

Say, Attribute name invalid for tag form according to TLD!!!
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html:form tag doesnt have a name attribute.
it automatically gives the type value as it name

<html:form action="name" type="STRUTS.NameForm">
gilbokerAuthor Commented:
Yes i know.
Figure it out before so now i have a text field i have to place name in.
after submit i debug and see that he got the currect name.

But now on Success i told the system to go to jsp page.
return mapping.findForward(target)

In the config file it says  <forward name="success" path="/welcomeStruts.jsp"/>

but after i submit i cant see this page, just blank one with in the address.

Any idea why
>>"return mapping.findForward(target)"
should be
return mapping.findForward("success")

as your struts-config.xml defines <forward name="success" path="/welcomeStruts.jsp"/>
gilbokerAuthor Commented:
No this is OK becasue i initialize it.
But i found the problem!!!! FUCKING JAJA is ket sensative and i made it Success not success

Thank you for your help.

Do u know how to pass parameters to the next page? and if i have to do some Database work should i do it in the NameAction file?

Ill give u the points same way.

If u can explain in yr words very plain what is diff between and

Thank u
gilbokerAuthor Commented:
Thx so much,

now i made new file to test myself but keep getting this

"No getter method for property UserName of bean LogInForm"
>>"No getter method for property UserName of bean LogInForm"
I assumed that you have userName variable in your LogInForm class. Do you create the setter and getter?

And I think that this question is worth to be splitted. Am I right?

I need to go soon and will be back in few hours time
gilbokerAuthor Commented:
Yes i did,

   private String UserName=null;
    private String UserPassword=null;
    private int number;
     * @return
    public String getUserName() {
        return UserName;
     public String getUserPassword() {
        return UserPassword;
     * @param string
    public void setUserName(String string) {
        this.UserName = string;
     public void setUserPassword(String string) {
        this.UserPassword = string;

Anything wrong with this>?
Post your JSP and try to change it into private String userName;

Not sure though...okay I need to go now. Will be back later
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