Toshiba My Safe error message problems

I just had my lap top reformatted. The finger print scanner accepts my prints when beginning to open My Safe, but in the last couple of days when attempting to use the Tôshiba My Safe I get this error message:

My Safe in use by another application error message. ‘cannot create My Safe view object. My Safe cannot be unlocked because its data file is currently in use or just was used by some other application. Unlocking cannot proceed until the My Safe data file is closed and removed from the operating system’s file cache. This is usually a temporary condition. Wait a few seconds and try again.’


I just installed Zone Alarm, but it worked once since then, but not at all now. Thanks for your time.

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MarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What antivirus program are you using, try disabling it, then try the MySafe.
Have you tried a system restore to before the zonealarm was installed.
finallyjoiningAuthor Commented:
No I haven't. It worked AFTER I installed Zone Alarm and again once last week, but now I get the same message again. ???
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