Lotus Notes 6.5.4 default font change

I want to change the default font for all the users in the domino to f.e Arial.
Which is the best way to apply this change to all the mail files and how to.
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marilyngConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you send a button, AND they click on it, then the change will happen the next time they start notes.  To send a button, simply:

1. Create a mail memo (save as draft so you can access it later)
2. Write your instructions of what you want them to do.
3. In the next line in the Body field of the memo,  Select File>>Create>>Hotspot>>Button.
4. A small button will appear in the Body of the memo, and a Button dialog box will open.
5. Add a label to your button like: Please Click Here to Change Your Font.  And configure the text properties using the rest of the tabs.
6. Close or move the dialog, so you can see the formula editor pane below the mail memo.  You should see the "Label" you just typed, along
    with a split editor pane.  
    In the right side, there is "Run: Client" and "formula" and  space below those two fields to enter a formula.

    Paste into that space:
   @Environment( "StaticFont1" ; "Arial|0|26");
   @Prompt([OK];"Font Changed!";"Thank you! The next time you open Notes the default font will be changed to Arial")

7. Click the Checkmark at the top of this pane to save and check the formula.
8. Click anywhere in the BODY of the memo to return to the memo.  The editor pane will close.
9. Save the memo as draft, and then make a copy of that draft (else when you send it, you will have to go searching for it in the "sent folder" if you need to send it again).
10. Send it to a test PC that has some other default font set (you may want to set a visibly different font first on this PC so you can see the difference and if the button works).  Run many tests.

If you have no experience with script, then I don't advise leaping into it, since you would have to change the mail file template, and doing that incorrectly could bring down everyone's ability to send email.   Don't know about your office, but most folks get mighty cranky when their email fails.



The fonts are set individually by default. I think it is in the International section of the User preferences

You either need to send out a button with script that will change it locally or perhaps do a template change that will do it when a user accesses their mail.

I hope this helps !
damixaAuthor Commented:
I know its in the preference , actually i was interested in the how to do it part,
so if it is a script can you send it to me, or the change in the template inotes6.ntf which i use.
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Well, I think, and can be wrong, that you can add the following line to the ini file: StaticFont1=Arial|0|26

However, as sysExpert says, that won't prevent the user from setting the font to something else.  So, you could add a bit of code to the database open script and set the environment value if it does not match "Arial|0|26"

To make sure you have the right variable for your enviroment, go to System Preferences and change the default font (staticFont0, 1,2,3)
and then open the ini file and see what the value appears to be.  Then use that to create either script, or a button that you can send to users.

There may be little visible difference, and the status bar will still show: Default Sans Serif, etc.  meaning that Default Sans Serif font is being used (which you set to Arial)

@Environment( "StaticFont1" ; "Arial|0|26");
@Prompt([OK];"Font Changed";"The next time you open Notes the default font will be changed to Arial")

 Dim session As New NotesSession
  Call session.SetEnvironmentVar  ("StaticFont1","Arial|0|26")

Unfortunately, there's not much documentation on this variable, so I can't tell you what the  0 and 26 mean.. maybe another expert can fill us in here.   So, I set the value on my PC, and checked the .ini file for the variable that was set.

Caveat:  It won't change the $Fonts values already stored in rich text fields (incoming memos, etc).  So, if they were written in Tahoma, they will appear in Tahoma.

damixaAuthor Commented:
I am not worried if the people will change the font again or not,
I just want to set the standard font as Arial as thats the company's font. the other part is up to them
so you are saying that if i send the button with an email to everyone, once they click the change should be done on the next restart,
how to set the font type to size 11.


Hmm.. font size is a different thing.  The default MS Sans Serif is 10 points.  If Arial has a 10 point size, then it will default to that, else it will default to the next standard size.  Since Arial is a true-type font, rather than a bitmap font, I will venture a guess that it will default to 10.  You would have to test this in your button before you deploy, but the only other  .ini parameter is for the display adjustment, and not the actual font size used in composing memos.

Unfortunately, I know no way to "set" the font size, only the ini parameter to set the font.
damixaAuthor Commented:
well its my first time to do some scripts in lotus, so if it is possible can you show step by step
how to, i actually have no time now for looking myself so i would appreciate if u can show.
thnx again.
damixaAuthor Commented:
thnx for the detailed explanation,¨
i did exactly the same but there is no change,
i looked at the ini file and ths static1font hasnt change, but a new variable $static1font is added. with a $ sign in front.
maybe something should be changed in the formula.
Ah, fooey.  Formula language doesn't allow you to specify if it's a system variable.

Same thing, same button in the place where it says "Formula", drop down the arrow and change it to "LotusScript".

Paste this between the Click Sub and the End Sub:

Dim Session as New NotesSession
Call session.SetEnvironmentVar  ("StaticFont1","Arial|0|26", True )
msgbox "Thank you!  The next time you open Notes, the default font will be changed to Arial",,"Font Changed"

Press Ctrl-S to save the button, and try that one. (The last TRUE does this.)


damixaAuthor Commented:
Marilyng thnx a lot,
looks its functioning, well im giving you the points first cos it was great help, but  I still would have liked to know if there is any way to change the size of the fonts,
if somebody will find it i will open a new question again with 500 points,
thanx again marilyng.

I've been searching, and there doesn't seem to be a way to tap into this.  Maybe someone else has an answer.. ?  Thanks for the points.
damixaAuthor Commented:
well I was an exchange 2003 admin and company decided to go with Lotus because of SAP,  and in outlook these things were easy, but it looks so difficult in Lotus although
in lotus you can program almost anything,
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