PC will not complete the boot up sequence

OS is win xp prof. and has been working well. However now when I try to boot up. it will start the boot sequence then freeze with the light blue screen saying win xp starting up, I will try serveral times to reboot then all of a sudden it will complete the start up sequence and proceed to display my desktop and all works fine.
Where can I goto and download a floppy bootup disk so that I can force the pc to boot up, or will that not work??? Or does someone have a suggestion???

Thank You, pupuli
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Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:
Windows XP does not have an official boot disk, like Windows 98/ME.

If you have the original installation media (The Windows XP CD-ROM), then you can boot into that and use the recovery console.  It sounds like your PC is still booting, but just not fast enough.  

I would make an immediate backup of any important files and settings.

Open MSConfig, start -> run -> type "msconfig".

Choose the startup tab, and disable any non-microsoft services.  This will affect some third party applications and how they start.  Try to get a decent understanding of what you are disabling before you actually do so.

Run a disk-cleanup and defragment your C-drive.


a boot up disk wont help you here, sounds like you have a problem with hardware. Could be your ram, so i would suggest testing your RAM, just do a quick search on google for free RAM testing software.  Run the test a couple of times, report back if they both pass!!  good luck!!
Doing a Repair Installation almost always works...  Just put your XP disc in and boot from the CDROM, choosing the repair option:

(Good guide here:  http://helpdesk.its.uiowa.edu/windows/instructions/repairinstall.htm )

If that doesn't work, on a working PC (a friend, or work, or anywhere with a CD burner) download BartPE.

You will need a Windows XP disc.
Use the Bart PE Builder to burn yourself a disc.
Put the disc in your computer, and restart, making sure you boot from the CDROM...

When BartPE loads, run chkdsk ...

If BartPE fails to load, you most likely have a hardware failure somewhere..


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Dale MaySecurityCommented:
You may want to view this web site for help:


There are situations where this might happen due to hardware problems. Instances of the Pwer supply getting weak or a network cardthat is freezing the system as it begins its handshake negotiations. You may want to try a live cd like bart pe as suggested above or a linux version like Knoppix. This will allow the cd to run the computer, knoppix also has a diagnostic on start up that searches for hardware and shows you exactly what it is doing. If it freezes at a certain piece of hardware that can be removed , like a network card, the next option is to remove that card and try to start without it.
try to boot into safe mode and then check the event log for errors, using msconfig remove all the unnecessary services from startup
use chkdsk /f for C: and then reboot
alos scan your pc for viruses/ spyware
try sfc /scannow from cmd.exe, you need the xp boot disk to compleate this process this will repair any windows file curuption.
pupuliAuthor Commented:
hello all, Using my Lap Top to read your comments. How can I get to [Safe Mode] on boot up. If I tap F8 on bootup I get this:
[Please select boot device:]
[PM-WDC WD2500JB-22REA0]
also if I bootup there is a msg that states: [Press DEL to run setup] and when I do press
DEL, it takes me to the {BOIS SETUP UTILITY] but I have not found the magic key that  takes me to the SAFE MODE. How do you do that using Win XP ?????

try using f5,just after the post message.

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pupuliAuthor Commented:
To sparkmaker, The F5 key worked, however I think I goofed the system up. While in the Safe Mode, there was a choice of using the system restore inorder to get the pc back to where it was working fine. So I decided to try the restore, however while it was in the restore mode, the pc freezed again and the only way that I could get it to reboot was turn the system off via the off button.
        Now I can still get to the safe mode, but it will not goto desktop and hold. It would goto desktop then the Icons would start flashing [on & off]. So it seems that while it was in the restore mode and frooze, it got goofed up when I had to turn the pc off via the button.
         Now I am wondering, If I went and bought a new HD and installed it into the pc, could I still install Win xp prof. to this new HD. Then I would have to find a way that I could format the old HD that has the goofed up win xp prof. in it. Would that work?????

I think we need to do a bit more diagnostic on the computer to ensure what the underlying problem is. It may be the hard drive but it could also be the ram, motherboard , power supply.
You should get the knoppix cd and boot from that as it does its own diagnostic on startup to find all the hardware on the computer. If it fails to start then we are looking at a hardware problem. If it does run then we are probably looking at the hard drive or XP as the problem.
Memtest is another good standalone memory tester that boots from a floppy. http://www.memtest.org/
Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:
Safe mode can be accessed by pressing F8 just when the Windows XP splash screen is displayed.  This is a standard options and supercedes the hardware BIOS options.

Are you installing Windows XP Pro or Home version? Try this, it should work. I had a couple problems getting it to install on different systems so I installed Windows 2K first  and then did an upgrade over top of it using Windows XP. I suggest doing it this way. After installing Windows 2K, click on start, go to run, and type in d:\i386\winnt32.exe /makelocalsource. This will copy all of the installation files to the hard drive and run the setup from there and you will no longer need the cd. Try this and see if it works for you and let me know.
You may have to go to the Recovery Console...  (Boot from a cd or you can dnload the W XP boot disks) and then press r for repair...  When the RC comes up, designate the OS and enter the admin password...

Then try running these commands:  chkdsk -r, fixboot, fixmbr
Take a look at this

How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade (Reinstallation) of Windows XP

Visual aid to the above procedure
Click on How To Run a Repair Install

You May Lose Data or Program Settings After Reinstalling, Repairing, or Upgrading Windows XP

Data Loss May Occur After Reinstalling, Repairing, or Upgrading Windows XP

To download and install UPHClean, visit the following Microsoft Web site:


Good Luck,
pupuliAuthor Commented:
Thanks sparkmaker, F5 did get me to Safe Mode. For some reason F8 or F11 did nothing, and someone told me that sometimes F8 will not work because of the type of mother brd?? Anyways F5 worked and I just decided togo and re-intall Win XP Prof.

Thanks for all Experts comments.....pupuli
F8 will bring up the "Windows Advanced Options Menu" page for entering all the different ways to start the computer, safe mode, safemode with networking etc, etc.
The F5 key will directly take you to safe mode.Not well documented for XP but certainly was for 95,98,ME.
There may have been an issue with the computer if its a brand name OEM (Compaq,Dell,Gateway)where it doesn't recognize the F8 as they have their own XP tailored for them, and it wasn't included in the XP arsenal. OR the F8 key isn't working on the keyboard.
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