Poweredge 3250 CD Booting

I have purchased three 2nd User DELL Poweredge 3250's and I'm having trouble getting an OS loaded onto it.

It will not boot from any cd that i put in the drive. Their are no options in the BIOS for boot order.

In the Boot manager, i am unable to select a CD drive, it does not get recognized. Something was said about El torito format disks, but on further inspection it appears that all "bootable" disks are as such.

I am able to mount a pen drive in teh EEFI shell and view files on that, but am unable to do the same with CDs.

Can anybody shine any light on the subject.

It is not hardware failure as the same procedure has been replicated on all three machines.

Help please! Quite urgent need to ghet these up and running asap hence 500 points.
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jamietonerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure your inserting the cd before you boot to the efi shell. Heres a link with more info on the EFI's boot manager go to page 51 and ther will be info on the boot manager, boot maintenence, and the commands to use from pages 51-56.
These Itanium based system are always a big pain.
JonsieAuthor Commented:
Thanks Jamie, i think your right about the big pain part!

I've just realised I have been trying to boot Windows 2003 x64 edition. I assume i need to use the Itanium based version! However that doesn't answer why i could not even see the data that was held on the disk from the EFI, I tried many different disks including some standard manufactured non boot disks, just to try and see the data on them. There was nothing on blk0,1,2 or 3.

Should the Itanium disk then be recognised?
It should, have you tryed adding the cdrom as a boot device in the boot maintence tool?
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If all else fails you may want to contact Dell tech support. Dell offered lifetime tech support on these systems.
JonsieAuthor Commented:
The servers came without the resource cd. We have been onto dell and they are shipping one to us now.

However as the box is just a rebadged intel server, we have just downloaded the resource cd iso. That cd boots and is recognised by mounting in the EFI. Getting somewhere but still doesn't explain why i can't see other CDs which are standardly formated.
Have you tried an itanium os cd?
JonsieAuthor Commented:
seems i've underestimated the complexity of Itanium based processors...

Everything i have planned for these machines does not seem to be supported namely:

VMWare Server or ESX
Virtual Server 2005
Exchange Server 2007 (i thought  64 bit, turns out x64 and not IA64)
Terminal Services (Doesn't seem to be recommended, first problem i found was IA64 print drivers)

The main point of failure is the VMWare/Virtual server problem. If i could get that running, it would enable any host of 32/64 bit OSes to run independently thus eliminating the compatability problems.

Does anyone know of any alternative Virtualisation products that run x86 geusts on the IA64 architecture?
JonsieAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I'm returning the machines and putting it down to experience!
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