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Posted on 2006-11-25
Last Modified: 2008-01-09

I have a 7 server NLB'd cluster of terminal services, we have about 400 concurrent users. The problem is we have lots of problems with remote sites in tbandwidth terms, well theres the thing, i dont think throwing bandwidth at the problem is going to help the situation. Basically when a remote site connects (we have a point to point 1Mb, they get to the internet through our main site) rdp bursts to take the whole meg on first start of a brower session (and it would burst to whatever link we put in), this renders the whole link staurated and useless. Or I think any page that is busy with grahics. We also have problems with every remote site in that sessions stick on their thin client PC's. Basically a nightmare.

Funnily enough we were advised to get a 1mb Point to point link to this site to replace the ADSL we had. I hadnt started at the company when this was agreed, however as i said i dont think throwing bandwidth at this is the issue. Anyway I think this has made the problem even worse as when someone wants to get to the internet they now have to come through the central site through the p2p link, rather than the ADSL going straight out and not bothering our central internet pipe.  

I belive that Citrix maybe the answer, in that we can balance the servers better than NLB can and we can have more granularity on what we can do to conserve bandwidth. Or we can use Published Apps which i believe run everything on the main server thus helping as well.

Has anyone any thoughts on this, I would be most appreciative on some backup to my thoughts before I write a doc asking my managers for 10k for citrix licensing.  I WILL get the money if i make the choice a very real one i.e get citrix or put up with crap performance and tons of unhappy employees.

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How many remote sites and number of people at remote sites

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we have quite a few,  2 large sites (200 people in each) 4 smaller (about 80 in eeach) and about 5 that are about 15 users. As well as about 20 that are 1-2 man opeartions....all use thin client ...

The have issues with every site, thats cos of the load blancing, 1 term srever just keeps getting hammered. But the maxing of the link problem is a site with 15 users.

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Ok for each connection you need 56k so 800 x 56k means that you need a total bandwidth connection of 44MB for it to work fully (At the data centre site) there are things you can do

1.Traffic shaping
2.Re adjusted the setup

Traffic shaping packeteer,peribit,etc not cheap

or re adjust the setup

So move a terminal server to the office having problems and put in a second ADSL line force all local internet traffic down the new line and put in an Ishared from packeteer at that office and the main site this will allow the my docs folder to be backed up at he main site and any shares,etc more info at 


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Im going to go in stages, packeteer will be the last, I like the idea about forcing local traffic down the main pipe and internet traffic down the ADSL link....we do have a serial P2P circuit to the our office NTE BUT we left the old ADSL link there as a backup...may as well use it ... ill try modifying the routes today. I have experience of a product called exinda that is similar to packeteer but a lot cheaper, it also does point to point compression (as long as you have 2 boxes at either end of course) ....

I do still think that using citrix published apps is a further option as well though, as one of the applications that is slow is hosted at the main site, including the associated DB. It uses oracle 9ias app server so its browser based. I think that bt making this app a published app it will in effect do all the work on the main site side and then ICA pulls it through.

I also think that all the problems we have with various sites will be solved by load balancing better and indeed using oubslihed apps for everything.

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