Run Maintenance Plan From Query

I have a mainenance plan
DB Maintnance Plan 2
Is is possible to to execute a query that will run this maintenance plan

if so what is the syntax
Phil ChapmanAsked:
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NightmanConnect With a Mentor CTOCommented:
You must use the switches (documented in the links I posted) to force the specific actions to take place. For example, if you wanted to execute the backup, you would do

EXEC master.dbo.xp_sqlmaint '-PlanID 4F9F327D-27DD-4505-B016-00E5FF63BC4F -VrfyBackup -BkUpMedia DISK -BkUpDB -UseDefDir -BkExt "BAK"'

Also, if you are going to do this from the SQLDMO, theoretically (I haven't done it myself) the report should be available in the QueryResults object.
Sure - you can run it with
exec EXEC xp_sqlmaint '-PlanID xxxxxxxx' WHERE xxxx is the plan ID.
To identify the plan ID, run:
exec sp_help_maintenance_plan.
Some references as to the switches that can be passed in, and other usage:
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Phil ChapmanAuthor Commented:

if I use
exec EXEC xp_sqlmaint '-PlanID 4F9F327D-27DD-4505-B016-00E5FF63BC4F'
I get a Incorrect syntax near the keywork 'EXEC'.

If i use
EXEC xp_sqlmaint '-PlanID 4F9F327D-27DD-4505-B016-00E5FF63BC4F'
I get a Could not find stored procedure 'xp_sqlmaint'.
Sorry about the double 'exec' - typo.

The extended stored proc is on the master database, so you would either have to connect to the master database first or run it like this:

EXEC master.dbo.xp_sqlmaint '-PlanID 4F9F327D-27DD-4505-B016-00E5FF63BC4F'
Phil ChapmanAuthor Commented:
A report is displayed however in the Maintenance Plan there is a backup scheduled ( Not for this date and time ) is there a way to force the backup to run.
There is another example of using this approach and storing results in the systables as well
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