HP 1315 p4rinter hangs up on photo print

I have an HP 1315 xi all in one printer.  I can print web pages, documents, and anything on regular copy paper.  However, when I try to print a photo, most times it stops about 2/3rds through and I get an "E" for (error) on the printer itself; I get no error messages on the computer.  What it does print is very good quality, but it never finishes.  After the ERROR I have a devil of a time trying to clear the spool cache in the printer.  My first thought was to update printer driver software.  I went to the HP site and downloaded the latest drivers.  The new drivers won't load, even with the "permissions fix" from HP you guys posted on a former problem someone else had.  Then I purchased special "cleaning sheets" to clean the rollers in the printer, that didn't work.  (I am even using HP brand glossy Photo Paper); that wasn't the problem either.  I have even replaced the cartridges to no avail (expensive fix).  I don't know what else to do.  

I am not exactly a novice, I have built over a dozen computers with little or no problems I couldn't handle.  I network this computer and the other computers seem to have no problem except for photos.  I'm not even sure if it software realted or hardware related.  Any ideas would be appreciated.

AMD Sempron 2GH, 1G ram, (2) 80 g HDS, XP pro
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first, i would test the printer on another PC, to be sure the problem comes from the printer, and not from the PC.
Then, i would contact HP with an online chat with a tech :

WhitefoxAuthor Commented:
I tried switching to another PC and the same thing happened, I also reverted back to the original CD software/drivers and it happened as well.  I'm figuring its software related.  I'm going to buy different photo paper and see what happens.  A friend of mine told me that HP printers are very fussy about paper type.
WhitefoxAuthor Commented:
OK, I solved it by swicthing the select paper type in the print option settings from "HP glossy Photo Paper" (which is what I'm using) to "HP Premium Glossy Photo Paper" (which is NOT what I'm using).  Go figure?  After the switch it printed the photo all the way through.

OK.....so how do we want to handle this?  
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