MS-DOS xCopy with Windows XP Pro

Hello I have this command, it works....

xcopy "d:\My Music\*.jpg" "h:\My Music - Converted\My Music" /s /h /y

However, the problem I am having is it will go through all the files every time i run it and override it.  How can I make it so it won't copy if the file exists?  (in otherwords, not even ask)

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killbradConnect With a Mentor Commented:
xcopy doesn't have the ability to do this.  You could write a simple batch or vbs to do it..

You can also look into the 'archive attribute' that xcopy can use.
The below command will ask you for the confirmation if you want to replace the existing files.

xcopy "d:\My Music\*.jpg" "h:\My Music - Converted\My Music" /s /h /-y
wd006451Author Commented:
right, but i don't want asked for it, i just don't want it to prompt about it.  Infact i don't want it to override.
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Are the files exactly the same or do they just have the same name?

If the files are exactly the same then xcopy /d option will allow xcopy work alot faster:

 xcopy "d:\My Music\*.jpg" "h:\My Music - Converted\My Music" /s /h /-y /d

(with the /d [date] switch if you dont  specify the [date] it will only copy new or updated files.)

If the files are different and only the names are the same then you will need a batch file. Copy lines below into notepad and save as "yourbatch.bat" (maake sure you select "all files" as the file type when you save the .bat)

@echo off
cd "d:\My Music"
for %%f in (*.jpg) do if not exist "h:\My Music - Converted\My Music\%%f" xcopy %%f "h:\My Music - Converted\My Music\%%f"

try this:

  create a text file (notepad, etc) with just the letter "a" in it.  save it as somehting like "all.txt"

  then when you run xcopy, add "< all.txt" to the end of the command.  this will redirect what's in the text file to th console input just like you typed the "a" for all.

      xcopy "d:\My Music\*.jpg" "h:\My Music - Converted\My Music" /s /h /y  < all.txt

If you get multiple prompt asking if you want to overwrite, try adding more lines of "a" to the all.txt file:
... etc.
              --- octo
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