Looping problem in IE7

Posted on 2006-11-26
Last Modified: 2008-05-13
The following function works perfectly in Firefox but in IE7 it loops. How can I stop the loop in IE7 and achieve the effect I need?

I would suggest that you open the page in Firefox because it will eventually crash IE. You can use the IE tab switch plugin in Firefox to view the page and it will be easier to switch back to Firefox rather than viewing in a standalone IE.
example URL:

function findWindowDim(){
/*Constructing the function to work with Netscape 6 (innerHeight)
and Netscape 7+, Mozilla 1.0.1+ and IE6+ (clientHeight).*/

//Determining browser type by functionality.
//Start IE5+, NS7 and Mozilla based on build 1.0.1
//var objCenter = document.getElementById('centercolumn')

var leftHeight = document.getElementById('leftcolumn').offsetHeight;
var rightHeight = document.getElementById('rightcolumn').offsetHeight;
var mastheadHeight = document.getElementById('masthead').offsetHeight;
var centerHeight = document.getElementById('centercolumn').offsetHeight;
var containerHeight = document.getElementById('container').offsetHeight;

var objFooter = document.getElementById('footer')
var objLeft = document.getElementById('leftcolumn')
var objRight = document.getElementById('rightcolumn')
var objCenter = document.getElementById('centercolumn')
var objContainer = document.getElementById('container')

if ((centerHeight > leftHeight) && (centerHeight > rightHeight)) {
footerTop = mastheadHeight + centerHeight;
footerTopPx = footerTop+"px" = footerTopPx

colHeight = centerHeight + 3;
Height = colHeight+"px" = Height;

CentercolHeight = centerHeight - 15;
CenterCol = CentercolHeight+"px" = CenterCol; = Height; = Height; = footerTopPx;
} else if ((rightHeight > leftHeight) && (rightHeight > centerHeight)) {
// If the right column is longer than the centre and left columns
footerTop = mastheadHeight + rightHeight;
footerTopPx = footerTop+"px" = footerTopPx

colHeight = rightHeight;
rHeight = colHeight+"px" = rHeight;

CentercolHeight = rightHeight - 15;
CenterCol = CentercolHeight+"px" = CenterCol; = footerTopPx;
} else if ((leftHeight > centerHeight) && (leftHeight > rightHeight)) {
// If the left column is longer than the centre and right columns
footerTop = mastheadHeight + leftHeight;
footerTopPx = footerTop+"px" = footerTopPx

colHeight = leftHeight;
lHeight = colHeight+"px" = lHeight;

CentercolHeight = leftHeight - 15;
CenterCol = CentercolHeight+"px" = CenterCol; = footerTopPx;
} else {
// If left and right columns are shorter than the centre column
footerTop = mastheadHeight + centerHeight + 6;
footerTopPx = footerTop+"px" = footerTopPx

CenterCol = centerHeight+"px" = CenterCol; = CenterCol; = footerTopPx;
Question by:frankenstrat
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Expert Comment

ID: 18015125
Without reading much of your code, I assume the problem is this line:
  window.onresize = findWindowDim;

Inside findWindowDim, you do something that triggers window.onresize again, so it loops.

A possible solution: put
  window.onresize = null
as the fist line of findWindowDim, and
  window.onresize = findWindowDim
as the last line.

Again, I maybe wrong in this, I didn't have time to read your code extensively...

Author Comment

ID: 18015154
Thanks for the try but that didn't work.

Author Comment

ID: 18022410
Problem has been resolved. The padding in the style sheet was different for each layer which produced erratic results.

Expert Comment

ID: 18022458
*Just out of curiosity*, did you isolate which padding in the CSS caused IE to freeze?
Can you reproduce it with minimal code?

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