Dear All,

I am in big conflict with my Line Manager or with My IT MANAGER.

Actually, i am searching for any rfefrences for my Job responsibilities & what should i do & what should not do .

he is alwys asking me for alot of things , which is Actually out of my responsibilities.

like for example, sending E-mails to other companies & asking them for quotations & then let me start collect it for nothing.

and i recevied many complains from some of theses companies, that we are collect for nothing.

i am actually work as NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR.

i need like a book i will purchase , or any big refrence to the IT MANAGMENT that describe exactly how the IT DEPARTMENT will organize inside the Company & what is the Responsibilities & JOB Description for each one inside this Department .

so, i will take a desicion on that issue.

BTW, when i get hired, i did not receive any JOB DESCRIBTION or JOB RESPONSIBILITIES , for that issue, at all.

and when i asked him about it, his reply was not logic.

he said to me to prepare it and sign it .

so what will happen if i wrote i am responsible about the SALARIES ???

Please, i need like a complete refrence for IT MANAGMENT or IT RESPONSIBILITIES , that i can tell my manager , this is not my responsablities or not from my issue.

Please guide me to it .
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Responsibilities can vary as far as being responsible to get coffee for the boss. Really the job description should be defined before even taking the job, otherwise, how can your performance be reviewed. I would suggest that you and the employer would need to outline and agree upon the requirements of your position. Then put it in writing. An IT job with a large firm may involve managing one group of routers, where in a small company it could include web design, equipment acquisition, managing servers and all infrastructure equipment.
Very difficult so generalize as to what "IT' involves in the real world. Appreciate it is a tough spot for you to be in.
You may try looking at some job descriptions on job websites,, to try to model yours to.  Again it is tough as RobWill said it depends on the company, you could be a jack of all trades doing a little of everything or just a Cisco Engineer working on only one set of equipment while other teams handle other items.  If you have been working there a little while try to look through your emails see what you have done thus far, and examine that do you want to do more, less, different things etc, and add that into your job descritpion.

hope this helps, i know it can be hard.

Ehab SalemIT ManagerCommented:
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There is no one size fits all book.  In a small shop, a Network Administrator can do everything from PC repair, printer repair to Network Engineering and Security.  In a big shop, a Network Administrator could only be allowed to change tapes.

You need to take your issue up with HR.

And, usually, there's a clause at the end of the job description, "... and other duties as assigned" - which means your manager is free to make it up as they go along.
Exactly, agree with Pseudo, it ain't great even if you ever had a job responsibility on the paper. It would always have something like this "and other duties as required" stuff.

Tell you what, take it up to HR or sit down with them discuss about this issue. From your description, getting quotes for some stuff related to work seems to be ok but is not in all cases, you never know.

I got hired as an IT Security Analyst, went to US and then there I was picking User's phones that were not working, doing helpdesk support etc.. Threw the resignation and came back. So things could be tough but you need to evaluate your position based on how big it is and how viable it is for you to do these without some assistance.

If you're a Network Admin and the quotes are directly related to IT Network Infrastructure type of equipment then I'd say you should welcome handling the quotes for stuff like that.  Who better to collect accurate information for equipment like that than the Network Admin.  I've had to do things like that in my career many times...

However, if your boss is telling you to get quotes for printer paper and pens... well... that's another story.  

I think what your manager was saying is that he understands that there is some confusion regarding what your responsibilities should be.  He wants you to write out an appropriate description for your position and he will sign it.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to define your own responsibilities and draw the line in the sand.

Since others who commented are correct that titles can often be broad and diverse in terms of responsibility, to be fair about it, sit down and analyze your company's business model and figure out where you sit as Network Administrator.  Fairly offer to accept responsibility for those areas.

Fundamentally, Network Admin should probably be responsible for the following:

Ensure reliable delivery of Network services (connectivity, Domain Controllers, Replication, etc... )
Router/switch configuration
LAN closets
Analyzing Network traffic/bandwidth
Firewall appliances
Internet Connectivity
Wireless LAN/WAN configuration
DNS Servers
Hardware/Software support
Disaster Recovery
Intrusion Detection

This just names a few of the most common ones i've known to fall under Network Admin...

Hope that helps a bit...

and if all else fails... update that resume... LOL

I pasted some of the same things below on your other question that was alot like this one...

These books probably don't explicitly define what a Net Admin does but it would give him/her an idea of what a Net Admin is: *** *** ***

Below are IT Manager Specific:

*** =  My recommendations

Please DONT purchase them online as I have not read any, but after scouring the net, they seem like your best bets.

If these don't look like they contain what you could use to demonstrate the true nature of your job title please let me know.

I would also reccomend finding Job descriptions of jobs similar to yours from companies that are know for "best practices" in your industry or are concidered "peer" companies with  yours. I would then reccomend sitting down with your manager and asking if you two could come up (together) with a Job description for your role (he can use this over and over when hiring from here on out). While you try to come with this new Job description/responsibilities document it might help your case to compromise a bit.

Good Hunting,
Did any of these work for you?
Hey, thanks for the point split! :)
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks you for awarding me the question rolamohammed, but you really should ask to have this question re-opened and split the points, at least among those that you felt were most helpful and relevant.
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