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I have recently purchased the Optimum Online Boost service that allows me to run 2003 Exchange Service on a Small Business Server. Both my port 25 and 110 is responding to telnet. I downloaded DynamicDns version 1.1.0 as instructed and it seems to work fine concerning Web Pages and FTP services. I configured outlook to interact with my exchange server but can only email internally. My error messages on SMTPDiag is 10060 stating that it has failed to submit messages to my yahoo account. It also stated that "TCP DNS Queries returned no results".  I am behind a Linksys Firewall but don't suspect that being a problem. I am stuck here and there are no  step by step instruction on how to configure Exchange to interact with Optonline Boost. Cable Vision does not provide this information to their clients.
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ikm7176Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Hreyes,

Its good that you upgraded your firewall firmware, Since you are facing problems related to your firewall. I recommend you to create a rule on your firewall which allows all traffic from your exchange server to internet.

Regarding DNS, if your exchange server is pointing to your internal DNS server. you must configure forwarders in your internal DNS server. For any unresolved domains, your internal DNS server will rely on the forwarder DNS (generally ur ISP) to resolve the domains. For this, your firewall should allow your internal DNS server to query forwarders on TCP and UDP port 53.

"I do an nslookup and it is resolving to my IP address. I am also using the set q=mx and that is also resolving to my exchange server address" which IP address you are getting for your exchange server? Are you able to query the mx records of external domains like yahoo and hotmail? These links will help you

Lastly, check your firewall for any SMTP screening/ filters features and disable them, if any.

Hope this helps you.. cheers!!

You are hosting this internally from your cable service.  On your router I take it you have forwarded ports 25 and 110 to your exchange server, assuming that you want pop3 access to external clients.  To forward email you must have a dns entry in your TCP/IP properties.  Also depending on your cable service many providers such as yahoo, gmail etc, will not accept email from mail servers on cable / dsl connections.

Can you post the NDR that you received when trying to send an external email.
"TCP DNS Queries returned no results"
To deliver external mails your exchange server should be able to resolve external domains. Did you tried to resolve external domains using nslookup on your exchange server? was it successful? if it fails then you having a DNS issue.

Generally, your exchange server should point to your internal DNS server. Your internal DNS server should be configured with the forwarder DNS (your ISP DNS) to resolve external domains.

Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

Can you browse the internet from your Exchange server or ping external domains?
hreyes1037Author Commented:
I can browse the internet from my Exchange Server and Ping External Domains.  I do an nslookup and it is resolving to my IP address. I am also using the set q=mx and that is also resolving to my exchange server address. It may be that my DNS services on my SBS is pointing to itself.
hreyes1037Author Commented:
I apologize for not responding sooner. Have been bombarded with alot work lately. In response to ikm7176, I believe you are right concerning the router. I cannot telnet port 53 on my linksys and currently looking into purchasing a new router. I have a Linksys router and have upgraded  with the most current fimrware. At this point I started to have problems. Not only can I not send, but I cannot recieve emails. I am getting tcp and udp failures on my smtpdiag results. I do  not have problems emailing internally. If you have any suggestions on this I would greatly appreciate it. Should I downgrade my firmware? I want to thank you guys for your help. The research has been very useful.
Who is your ISP?  Many do block outbound and inbound SMTP to one stop you from running an SMTP server and two to force you to use their SMTP servers for email.  Can you telnet to any external email servers on port 25?  For example:
telnet 25

See if you get any results, if you do not, your ISP is most likely blocking SMTP.  If you use SBC for example you can fill out a form to opt out of this blocking.  Let me know about the outbound smtp test as I showed above and who your ISP is.
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