WHICH ITEM TO REPLACE DVD TOSHIBA satellite 1400 - 506 z

My dvd is gone..
How can i know the exact spec of my dvd, so to buy another one to replace it??
Something not necessarily toshiba official spare....
Mattia MinerviniAsked:
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MarkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Depends on the laptop but most are secured with at least one screw that requires some disassembly. PAge 2 , step 11 of the tutorial shows the dvd drive securing screw which requires the keyboard to be removed.
Did the Satellite 1415 laptop in the tutorial resemble your laptops screw and bottom cover locations?
If so then disassemble is likely needed.

I have just been to Toshibas support page and apparently you can check the model number of the dvd drive in device manager. Here are the instructions on how to do this so you don't have to disassemble to get the model #.
1. Click the Windows Start button, and then click Control Panel.

2. Click Performance and Maintenance, then System. The Windows Control Panel will appear.

3. Click the Hardware tab, and then the Device Manager button.

4. Double-click "DVD/CD-ROM drives" (this name may be slightly different on some computer models). The DVD drive model name and number will be displayed.
What country did you purchase this laptop, can't find that model.There is a model number on the bottom of the laptop please post it here.
Mattia MinerviniAuthor Commented:
Sorry for late...
Ohh,my sister..!! Model is TOSHIBA Satellite 1400-503.
Italy distribution.

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It is very hard  to match a replacement dvd drive for a laptop as most are of a propriatory nature and usually need to be bought from the manufacturer.You may consider an external drive that connects to the PCMCIA slot or by USB.
To get a direct replacement for your laptop, ebay may be the only way to avoid Toshiba. You may have to dismantle the laptop for a look at the model number of the drive itself.
Here is a tutorial on disassembly for the satellite 1415 which is in the same family of models.
Mattia MinerviniAuthor Commented:
So i have to dismantle my pc in that way to replace dvd?? Are we sure?
I thought was something like "push two button together and remove it"....
I just have an external dvd, but it is big, not handy and difficult to install Os ...
Mattia MinerviniAuthor Commented:
your info are correct, but my notebook is without OS..
For this reason lack of dvd is so tedious.
But thanks, i'll accept
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