After certain operations in Win2000 the computer locks. (???)

I have Win 2000, and I've been working with it for several years on the same computer. I've performed several formats and reinstalls without a hitch. But the last time something "new" was added. I'm the administrator (of course), and I did not set up a password. Windows automatically loads the way I have it. I can't even remember how to change that, but someday I'll maybe remember if I need it.

The locking is not fun as I have to reboot and wait for everything to load, and just as I'm ready do to something this is what I find. Makes me mad to wait. I just walk away and come back later.

Has anyone got an idea how to turn this nuisance feature off, please? I never changed one thing from the several years of using Win2000.

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_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
>> to who must sign in with password

I think you want Control Panel > Users.

This is for changing the Default Logon User, but I think a little tweaking will get you what you want. (my W2K system is down, so I can't check}

Control Panel > Users > check the box All Users Must Logon > click the user you want to be default > uncheck All Users Must Logon box > make sure the check box for auto logon default user is checked > click Apply.
ibu1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
 Use Group Policy. Control Panel, Administrative Tools > local security policy > local policies \ security options \ "Automatically log off users" and/or "Amount of idle time required before disconnecting session"

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Lindsay37Author Commented:
The suggestion up above (security and time et al., looks like it just might be the "cure"). I'll try it as this is definitely a specific timed idiot thing. I just came back and found it locked. I did put starts for the password and knew it would not take, but it allowed me to clear it and get in. However, nothing worked right so I still had to reboot.

That was it I'm pretty sure. I disabled the line.

One more quickie:

That's not where you change your computer to who must sign in with password or not is it? If I were to leave for a while how would I lock it for my stuff and put in a password for a visitor so some activities could occur?

Lindsay37Author Commented:
Thanks! I have saved it for future use. ;)
Thank you much.    : )
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