Full Scanning Program using ADF


i Need a full Program that uses the scanner's Auto document feeder(ADF) and show the scanned pictures on the form as thumbnails.
Also i want to set the number of documents to scan, and after that the scanner should stop.
i don't want the scanner source select to be shown to the user, i want it to be selected from code. or at least once
all the scanned Pictures should be saved as files in a temporary folder specified in Code.
i don't want to use any outside component unless it's free and downloadable.
i also want to be able to select if i want to scan from the ADF or the flat pad.

I have windows XP SP2, using HP Scanjet 8300 Series, I'm Using Delphi 6.0

points will go directly to the first working program with my requirements

Appreciate your Help, thanks in advance and best regards,
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Did you read the DelphiTwain.chm wich comes with the Twain unit from http://delphitwain.sourceforge.net.

In the Methods, you will read under the item SetfeederEnabled

If TRUE, Source must acquire data from the document feeder acquire area and other feeder capabilities can be used. If FALSE, Source must acquire data from the non-feeder acquire area and no other feeder capabilities can be used

function SetFeederEnabled(Value: WordBool): TCapabilityRet;

The application should set this capability to TRUE before attempting to use any other feeder capabilities. This sets the current acquire area to the feeder area (it may not be a different physical area on some Sources).
The application can set this capability to FALSE to use the Source’s non-feeder acquisition area and disallow the further use of feeder capabilities..

Return values
This method returns a TCapabilityRet enumeration to test if it was successful. crSuccess means it worked ok.

TCapabilityRet is explained in the help file.

In one of the tutorials called "How to retrieve and set twain capabilities" you can read:

The explanation
What are the twain capabilities ?

One of TWAIN’s benefits is it allows applications to easily interact with a variety of acquisition devices. Devices can provide image or audio data. For instance,

Some devices have automatic document feeders.
Some devices are not limited to one image but can transfer multiple images.
Some devices support color images.
Some devices offer a variety of halftone patterns.
Some devices support a range of resolutions while others may offer different choices.
Some devices allow the recording of audio data associated with an image.
All these items may be negotiated with the source (using the source manager) using capabilities, which are properties which the application may set and retrieve from the source.

All is explained in the help.

The help file contains also 6 examples and from one, you  can read:

To this example to work, create the twain component (TDephiTwain) in the main form and create your own code to load the library (LibraryLoaded parameter), source manager (SourceManagerLoaded), select a source (Source[Index: Integer]) and load it (Loaded). This example will handle ICAP_HIGHLIGHT capability from twain by providing two methods, one to get the value and the other to set.

I don't have a scanner with ADF, so I 'm not able to test code that I could write. I believe, reading the samples, tutorial an the help file itself, that all the steps required are already coded in the different examples or they need few modifications to work.

You answered :

ftp://ftp.delphi-jedi.org/api/twain19.zip , the link is not working

Re-tested. clicking on the link download the zip file on my PC. Maybe a security issue for your browser.

BalsheAuthor Commented:
i forgot to say if it is possible to specify the resolution and the scan mode(Gray scale, black & white,24 bit color,...)

Nearly a complete application you're asking, no ? A clone of the HP utility provided with the hardware. ;)

first go to:
"Delphi Twain is my latest contribution to the Delphi community. This library consists in a implementation of Twain features for Borland Delphi tool."

Have a look at about on this subject:




You can also download a compo from jedi: ftp://ftp.delphi-jedi.org/api/twain19.zip

and why not
http://support.leadtools.com/SupportPortal/cs/forums/11/ShowForum.aspx (a forum)

(unit+demo) - sourceforge project no more maintained
TScanner, a component interface to a TWAIN compliant scanner.
Copyright (C) 2000, Oliver George

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BalsheAuthor Commented:
Dear Bernani,

i already have visited these sites, I've downloaded Delphi Twain, but i didn't know how to select the scanner source(Flatpad or ADF), the example generates some errors when you try to use the"Send Command" Screen and i don't know why.

www.Twain.org i couldn't get any use of it, besides there is a lot of documents and i don't have enough time to read them, and this is why i asked for a full project.

ftp://ftp.delphi-jedi.org/api/twain19.zip , the link is not working

Lead tools is not for free

i need a full source project that does what i need.
BalsheAuthor Commented:
i've made it work, but now i'm facing another problem, my Scanner supports Duplex ADF(it's cabable of scanning both sides of the paper) but i couldn't get his functionality to work .. any ideas?


Forced accept.

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