dns servers -> linux or windows


we are hosting our dns domains by nettica.com dns servers.
they are running under windows.
we have just been informed that nettica dns servers were currently being subject to a DDOS attack.
our webservers were unreachable.

is it security difference when dns servers running on windows instead of linux because of DDOS attack ?
or important is only the firewall in this case ?

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JamesTX10Connect With a Mentor Commented:
So it does not matter if it was a MAC, Linux, Windows OS on the server.
Hi anoym,
DDOS attacks have to do with traffic not hacking the server. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of-service_attack 
DDOS is an assault of many computers trying to access your server all at one time. This overloads the server keeping real traffic from being able to connect.

rsivanandanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Every OS does have a limit of buffer it can allocate for tcp/ip sessions. I've already explained this before, so I would rather let you take a look at my blog;


pgm554Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There are ways to mitigate DDOS,but if somebody really wants to come after you,it's pretty much near impossible to stop.

Good reading


The Blue Security fiasco:

Zephirus79Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Perhaps, but IMHO anything linux will be better than windows.   Few factors account for that though.   Viruses are typically written to attack windows users because there are a lot of bill gates haters out there which is why you dont see many viri affecting linux or mac.  

linux tends to be harder to configure (until you learn the lingo and get familiar with it) but it runs for months without having to reboot and it takes a lot less horsepower to run it.  

HA!  Just looked at our company DNS server that is running on Clark Connect linux and it has been up for 13 months now...  
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