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We have and Exchange 2003 Email Server running on a Windows 2003 and we would like to send mass mail with more than 1,000 recipients and we have a static IP already with our ISP. However, our problem comes when we tried to send a mass mail, a single recipient receives the email 10 or more times.

Is there a plug-in in exchange that we can use or a separate application that will work with outlook to send mass mail?

Much help is appreciated.

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petxuragConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi marcomaranao,

I had a client doing exactly what you are doing here and it caused havoc.  I do not know how many times people got duplicates and so on.  Secondly, the limitations in creating mail lists in exchange are ridiculous.  We ended up going with a third party solution specifically made for this purpose.

I am in noway affiliated with that program and I am sure there are hundreds of them you can use but it have worked well for us.

just make sure you use your own Exchange server as the SMTP server.

just to confirm a few things....

you are running an exchange server, and you are sending an email to

a) internal recipients or
b) external recipients

and only

a) one of the people you send the mail to gets the multiple copies of the message
b) everyone you send it to gets multiple copies of the same message

how are you addressing the recipients? Through a distribution list, or manually entered in an email?
marcomaranaoAuthor Commented:
Thanks for replying.

I am sending the email to external recipients and everyone gets multiple copies of the same message.

The recipients are BCC'd and it is a manually entered email addresses. A list of emails is generated which is delimited by a comma and that is copied and pasted onto the BCC field of the email.
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DenisCooperConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i would create several distribution lists with the emails addresses in them...split each dl into groups of say 150 email addresses, and then send the mail that way....

i'm sure if you search on google you will find some free mass mailer software availble, as outlook is proably not really designed this way...

you may find that your exchange server is not coping with the mass mail, and thus causing time outs / loops which are causing this to happen...maybe worth trying to bypass your exchange server, and use your ISP's smtp server if this is possible....
marcomaranaoAuthor Commented:
Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your reply. We have are already looking into using a third party application and still looking into our ISPs capabilities, limits and restrictions. As we have Google'd third party applications for doing sending mass mail, many came up, but we're afraid to enter that water just because of the importance of our newsletters. We don't want to be marked as a spam mail, but to make sure that we deliver to our subcribers their newsletter.

I'm certain that there are applications that will do exactly this but how credible will the application be? However, I will look into your suggested application if it worked fine with you guys.

I'll keep you all posted.

Try this, it will remove duplicates, verify all address, and send the mail to the receipients:
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a separate application that will work with outlook to send mass mail?
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