sbs2003, messages forwarded from aol not opening properly for one user

Ok first, this is weird, and i hate aol.
We have a client with a sbs 2003 server running exchange. The problem is with  one user, (happens to be the ceo) when forwarded a message from an aol user, he recieves an attachment (happens when messages are forwarded from aol, the original message looks like an attachment) he trys to open it by clicking the attachment, and recieves a blank message. If this aol user forwards this message to anyone else in the organization it opens properly, but if this one user that is having the problem is included in the "to" list everyone in this organization that the message is sent to gets the same problem. This problem occurs both at his workstation running outlook 2000, and also on the citrix server which is running outlook 2003. I have been pulling my hair out for a week with this. Hopefully someone has seen this before. Thanks for any help
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VahikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Detach CEO's mailbox and attach it to a new user....try forwarding....if problem does not follow then it is USER....
Either user's outlook profile or user's AD profile....
now you have to figure out it if is outlook profile or user profile....
so create a new outlook profile and try ur forwarding.....and depending on the outcome you will know what to do....
AxlinAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response, i hadn't thought of trying that.
I detached the ceo's mailbox from his account and attached it to the test account, could not reproduce the problem on the test account. So i went and re-attched it to the ceo's account and the problem seemed to go away. Just doing a little further testing to make sure the problem is gone. I should know for sure by tonight. thanks.
AxlinAuthor Commented:
Not sure why, but it looks like the problem is no longer present after detaching and reattaching the mailbox. Thanks for the suggestion.
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