Error in Restoring SQL 2000 Backup

SQL 2000 database reporting "(Suspect)" and not available.
Attemtped to restore from backup

Troubleshooting Steps:
Selected database_name and attempted 'Restore Database...'
Defaults directly to the location and most recent backup copy of the database.
Select 'OK' on the Restore Database option

Error Generated:
"Microsoft SQL-DMO (ODBC SQLState: 42000)
Cannot overwrite file 'database_name_1_Log' because it is marked as read-only.
RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally."

I am an inexperienced "dba", any ideas?
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check Force restore over existing media and check the log isn't marked read only in the file system.  You can also look at the running processes under server management to see if anything has a lock on the log.
genesissiAuthor Commented:
I had already checked the force restore -> no success and same error message.
I have checked that the log is not marked read-only in the file system -> same error message.

How can I tell of there are running process that have a lock on the log?

Also, I ran a search for the file named: "database_name_1_log" and didn't find anything with this exact name.
Is this an expected result?
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genesissiAuthor Commented:
I have found that the mdf/ldf files are not marked as read-only.
I have attempted to set Security to add Everyone with Full-Control as a workaround.
   -> this b/c some of the folders reported as read-only but grayed out.
If it is a permission issue, any other ideas I may have overlooked?
Hi Genesissi,

database_name_1_log is the Virtual Name of the Log Files, actual name would be different the same you can find when you right click on the database --> Go in Properties --> Transaction File Log (Location)


genesissiAuthor Commented:
That solution worked, thanks.
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