GridView Clickable Matrix

Creating a matrix is easy - What I'm wondering is how to make it such that _every_ cell in that matrix registers a unique click/click action - not just the row...
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kraffayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would use a datagrid with link buttons on each cell
Server-side or client-side?
EchoBinaryAuthor Commented:
hopefully server side..  .aspx controls..    
I think this url will help u. I have done the same problem. (c# code)

U can either use the link buttons on each cell to get a unique click.

EchoBinaryAuthor Commented:
i should've done more exploring with the control before asking this question :)
The answer was to make template fields with link buttons.

I had assumed that linkbuttons with the same ID 'repeated' across multiple rows would cause a compile error - it seems MS handles that case.

Thanks for the replies - kraffay got the answer so ill give him the points...
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