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Error 2 - Any reliable online repair service ?

I have an application running on btrieve, cant tell what version, but the software maker suggest using file repair utility dated back 1992-1994 so I assume its an old version of the DOS database.

Recently a few of the files became badly corrupted, by the time they noticed the corruption, the backup tapes already rotated to beyond the time when its fully working.

I tried running LB.BAT to repair the files, but there are 4 or 5 files always error 2, the software people (Tas Software) said they would take upto 2-3 weeks to repair it, they must be kidding as how many companies you know can afford not able to run their accounts for that long.. I know one would say its the customers responisble to make sure backups are working, but I think we gone passed that point.

Anyone know any good reliable online repair service that could deal with btrieve ? The worry is that because TasSoftware uses almost 100 files, just by repairing the headers of these 4-5 damaged files may cause problems linking to the system as a whole, is there any way to safeguard such operation ?  The other route I am looking at is to extract the data and import them into another account package...

Thank you for your help
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2 Solutions
To check the version of the file you can download BUTIL. Also, the error 2 means file not found, make sure that the LB.BAT is linking to the right files.

@echo off
butil -ver yourfile.dat

To download Butil:

If you need support here is the place.

Also read this PAQ:


Sorry i had a mistake (been some months without using btrieve)

The error 2 means

An error occurred during disk read/write.
This status code indicates the file has been damaged and must be
recreated, or that the file on the open call was not created by
Btrieve. Some other possible causes and solutions to try are:
DuffyS40Author Commented:
Thank ch2, I had already read all info regarding error2, thats why I have given ,  and start to look for some online Btrieve experts to manually reapir the files.
Thanks for your help
You are welcome.

Here you will find the best btrieve experts i'm sure, and the place to hire people to do this job is I would like to help you with this issue, but thats a hard job.

Bill BachPresidentCommented:
I'd be happy to help.  We provide a repair server for the Btrieve and Pervasive community that deals with all files types, and our own cache of automated (and quite advanced) tools usually gets the job done very quickly, even recovering data that the normal BUTIL process cannot handle.  

While I believe that Experts Exchange frowns on promoting an off-line job, it is likely the only way to quickly resolve your situation.  I am in my office today and available to help, so start at and let me know if you have any questions.
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