Hi All,

After taking over for my old boss I'm giving our backup solutions a major overhaul.

At present I've got a Windows 2K box running SQL, a Win2k3 box, 2 OES servers one running Zenworks the other running GroupWise.

In the past we've pretty much let the servers backup themselves. A lot like making a spare key and keeping it on your keyring if you have a severe hardware failure. Add to that we've got 2 different backup solutions. ArcServe for Windows 2K and BackUp Exec for Netware. Of the two I like BackUp Exec for ease of use and reliability, however since Symantec bought them their Novell solutions pretty much suck. (We'll backup all your servers, but Novell has to backup locally....WHY!?!?!)

At any rate I'm looking for an independent solution and NovaNet seems to have all that I need at a price that I can afford.

I've not heard a lot from folks who have had experience with it and I'm still keeping my mind open. I can't afford SyncSort for our environment their quote came in at around $30,000....right now even with all the plug-ins and hardware NovaNet comes in around 12,000.

On a side note...does everyone like LTO-3?
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ShineOnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you upgrade your ARCserve 2000 to BrightStor ARCserve 11.5, you can get the NetWare agent, Linux/Unix agent, SQL agent, whatever, all under that version.

They'd probably give you upgrade pricing based on your Backup Exec stuff, too.

ARCserve has improved greatly since the ARCserve 2000 days, which is, like, right after CA bought it from Cheyenne and sort-of ruined it...  Plus, for NetWare, eDirectory and GroupWise, it DOES use the TSA's - so you WILL get good eDirectory backups, you WILL have all name spaces, trustees and extended attributes backed up, and you WILL be able to use the native GroupWise open-file backup capabilities.  

Plus, it now does nifty things like disk-to-disk-to-tape, works with new Windoze stuff like shadow copy and system state, and handles changers pretty well.

It's still using a version of the RAIMA database unless you choose to use MSSQL.

BrightStor ARCserve 11.5 is not very expensive, either, especially if you can take advantage of version and/or competitive upgrade pricing.  Find a VAR and beat them up on a nice package to get even better discounts... ;)

The biggest thing I'd look for is whether or not it uses Novell SMS (TSA's) for NetWare/eDirectory/GroupWise backup.  If the package does NOT, then move on to something that DOES.  You don't want to have to go with a) yet another 3rd-party package for "open-file" access, or schedule shutdown/startup scripts pre- and post- backup and b) have to script and schedule a dump of trustees and extended attribute info to be backed up separately (or hope nobody cares, and stumble around trying to fix trustees/rights/attributes after-the-fact.)
So CA BrightStor is not an option?

Their stuff has gotton better,but it seems to be a circular path going from usable to sucks to usable.
alextoftConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On the LTO3 front? Oh yes...

I've got a load of standalone  HP LTO3 drives hanging around, but more recently got some 8 and 24 slot LTO3 autoloaders. If you need capacity Overland do a very reasonable ArcVault 24 slot, but you do have to be careful with the backup software as they hang the library off a LUN, which Netware doesn't always appreciate. Some software will work with it (SyncSort, Arcserve), but some won't (BackupExec). 24 slots mind sound excessive, but in reality it means I can setup a 4 week cycle to do incrementals during the week, fulls at the weekend, and never have to change a tape every again...
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Sebastien47136Author Commented:
Hey depends I've got ArcServe 2000 and pretty much think that it sucks. Well, ok sucks might be a bit strong I guess not very intuitive is my grief with it. No one I'd talked to had mentioned it so I may take a look at it. If you've had ArcServe2000 how would you compare their current product to it?

alextoft you raise a very good point. I was already looking at autoloaders and my assistant mentioned the off-site storage we are supposed to be doing. Unfortunately we run nightly backups and have a single loading tape, so unless someone comes in on their day off to swap the tapes we're pretty well sunk. I was looking at the Dell PowerVault 124T with a LTO3 option. I know it comes with at least 8 slots it may come with 16...if not then I'll probably pop for the extra carriage. It'd definitely be nice to only have to load it up once a week and not have to worry about making an extra copy for off-site storage.
BudDurlandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
We're using Retrospect Multi-Server.  As is common anymore, the "server" portion of the backup s/w won't run in NetWare, but there is a NetWare client that will backup eDirectory.  In our environment, we're doing disk-to-disk-to-tape.  We have a Windows server with gobs of cheap disk space running the Retrospect server, and reaching out to the "client" servers running Windows & NetWare.  We also bought the add-on for live backup of MS-SQL server.  

IIRC, the hardware investment for the server was about $1200.  The base Retrospect software was $500 as a competitive upgrade, and the license is for unlimited servers.  The SQL backup add-on was in the $800 neighbor hood, I think.

Hope this helps
pgm554Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes,CA has gooton things a whole lot better (after the buyout,it couldn't have gotton worse).

True story:

I called CA to find out if they had tested the latest NW service pack (NW4.11) with their product and if there were any gotcha's in 1999.

I was on hold for 4 hours (800 line) for 2 or 3 days in a row.
Never did get through.

In 1995 ,my first call to CHEYENNE ,lasted 5 minutes and I got the correct answer first time out of the box.

Somethings are still "iffy". CA Unicenter at best,bad.
It was so bad that at one point ,that if the sales guys at CA knew you, you were steered clear of it.
As for Symantec ,following true to form,they have managed to p*ss off their old Veritas customers with a new licensing portal,which is screwing up upgrades and such.

Check out :

You kind of knew it was just a matter of time before Veritas was Symantecized!

CA is looking better these days.
I wonder if we could come up with a few Wikopedia definitions for the term?
The alextoft comment was for the "side note" so really isn't an "answer" to the Question.

Although pgm554 mentioned BrightStor ARCserve first, I did flesh it out considerably, so my contribution shouldn't be ignored.
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