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This application has failed to start because clb.dll was not found.

I try to run Regedit and I get the following window.

regedit.exe - Unable to Locate Component
This application has failed to start because clb.dll was not found.  Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

If I try to run Task Manager I get the following window.

taskmgr.exe - Unable to Locate Component
This application has failed to start because VDMBG.dll was not found.  Re-installing the application may fix this problem.

How can I fix this??

Back story, got a virus by running a file I shouldn't have... no excuses haha.
Anyway, realized it soon as I ran it, uninstalled then reinstalled my Trend Micro PC-cillan. And cleaned up the virus.  It corrupted some system files though and the computer was randomly crashing.  Through a lot of organized trial and error I was able to stop the problem services from starting.
I left it like this for a few months due to lack of a time... it ran for the most part.

So last week I decided I needed to fix it and a repair install of xp home was the best/easiest solution.
Nothing out of the ordinary, done it 1000 times before.... until it restarted out of the console-esque part of the install and tried to start the windows-esque part of the install.
Instead of going to part 2 of the install windows started and promptly wigged out and crashed hard.  I realized that instead of shutting my laptop down before the repair install I had just closed it, which puts it into hibernate.
Next thing I know it won't boot into windows.
I go for another repair install and it can't find a copy of the OS to repair (oh noes).
I ran bootcfg from the recovery console and afterwards it was able to do a repair install.

Anyway, this is where I am now.  I'm running windows, it boots with no problems.  I can't run regedit or taskmanager (the only 2 programs I've found so far).  The computer also won't shut down.  It gets past saving settings and all that jazz but just kind of sits idle at a default background blue screen and won't shut down.  It shuts down fine in safemode so it's gotta be a system driver or some jazz.

I also ran sfc /scannow and did another repair install, neither fixed regedit or task manager.

Because this is an oem install of the OS I'd really like to try to repair it rather than a clean install so I don't have to search out all the drivers and custom software.

Thanks. PS I've noticed high point questions don't really get a lot of attention, so I'll gladly bump the value to 500 on a solution.
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1 Solution
If you have an XP install CD, or else the folder called i386 on your hard drive, then you should be able to find files called clb.dl_  and  VDMBG.dl_ in the folder called i386.  These are compressed versions of the corresponding .dll files.  You use the Expand command to decompress them.  Try this:  click on Start, then Run, type CMD and hit the  enter key.  Now use the EXPAND command to decompress the file into the Windows\System32 folder.

Here's the syntax for the Expand command:

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

expand /?
Microsoft (R) File Expansion Utility  Version 5.1.2600.0
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1990-1999.  All rights reserved.

Expands one or more compressed files.

EXPAND [-r] Source Destination
EXPAND -r Source [Destination]
EXPAND -D Source.cab [-F:Files]
EXPAND Source.cab -F:Files Destination

  -r            Rename expanded files.
  -D            Display list of files in source.
  Source        Source file specification.  Wildcards may be used.
  -F:Files      Name of files to expand from a .CAB.
  Destination   Destination file | path specification.
                Destination may be a directory.
                If Source is multiple files and -r is not specified,
                Destination must be a directory.

BrothernodAuthor Commented:
Is there another way to validate and replace my system files as a whole??  I don't think replacing these 2 dll's will fix the shutdown problem.

Also, I did a search on my system for cbl.dll and it found 1 copy in minint/system32.

I'm gonna expand the 2 files and see how things turn out.
BrothernodAuthor Commented:
For the record it's VDMDBG.dll.

and expanding them didn't necessarily fix them.  Gonna restart now to see if that helps.
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If a restart doesn't fix it, you might need to try the regsvr32 command to "register" those dll files (assuming they are self-registrable.  I am not logged into XP right now, so I can't tell if that is true.)  Read about the regsvr32 command here:

Explanation of Regsvr32 Usage and Error Messages
BrothernodAuthor Commented:
I typed expand d:\i386\clb.dl_ c:\windows\system32.

When I check c:\windows\system32 there isn't a clb.dll even though it expanded successfully.
You have turned on the option for showing all files?  If not: You need to start Windows Explorer, click on Tools menu, select Folder Options, then the View tab and put a dot next to Show hidden files and folders, and remove the check mark next to Hide protected Operating System files (recommended.)  It's also a good idea to remove the check mark next to Hide extensions for known file types.
BrothernodAuthor Commented:
I downloaded and installed them and it fixed that problem (regedit and task manager work)

I'm going to restart to see if it shuts down properly, and I'm going to try windows update to see if windows installer 3.1 installs successfully (forgot to mention that one).
Well, it's time for me to go to bed, but if you are staying up, take a look at these pages for your shutdown problems:

The best and most informative page I've encountered so far on the net concerning this problem, for Win95 thru WinXP is this:


There is also this page, which has many links to the Microsoft Knowledge Base about Shutdown and Restart Problems, for all varieties of Windows from 95 to XP:


Brothernod, any feedback?
BrothernodAuthor Commented:
Wow, I'm sorry I never got back to this.

After making some initial progress and getting the system back to stable, but still not shutting down, it started crashing again.

Since I needed to use the laptop to do work, I ended up installing a new copy of XP on the machine in a different directory.  This way I atleast didn't lose anything (though the machine is a mess).

Thanks for the help, even though I was hoping for a more global solution (some way to replace the system files as a whole, different from the repair install since that wasn't working.  Really sorry for not replying in a timely manner.

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