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I have been sent a logo which I have inserted into our Word templates. When inserted it is about a quarter of the size it is when viewed in windows explorer, paint etc. This is great as it is actually the size we need and the text remains readable.
Now when Insert this same image into our access reports it is the larger size (not good). If I resize the image in a graphics program the text becomes unreadable.

What makes Word resize this image when inserted (dpi?) and how can I make the image behave the same in the Access report?
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rockiroadsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Could u not resize the image your MS Access report?
stevbeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
in your Access report make sure to use an image control and that the Size Mode property (on the format tab of the properties page) is set to Zoom ... now you should be able to resize it just like in Word ... click on it once and then grab a corner and make bigger / smaller as necessry. As Rocki posted you should not need to use a seperate image editor for this.

QPRAuthor Commented:
But any idea why it is a different size in Word than it is in Access?
It may all be dpis (that I don't really understand how apps handle this). If I open in an image editor it is around 400px square, when I insert into Access - same size. When I insert into Word it is 100px square (which is what I want). If I resize down to 100 square in the image program the text is blurry and it prints bad. In Word the properties show it as 200 dpi the image editor shows 72 dpi
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The image control in Access is different than the one in Word ... to get a straight answer on why they made them different ... who knows ???
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
<who knows ???>

stebe, QPR,

My only guess is that Word will let you do some very basic image editiing (Contrast, Brightness, cropping, transparency)
...while Access will not.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Another thought,

Although Access will display Gif's, Bmp's and Jpg's... it actually stores them internally as bmp files.
(This is why a 50k image file will bloat the database by about 200k)

Also the "Ole Server" that Access uses may effect this...

But I won't even go there!

jeff ... I was not asking what is different between Word and Access image handling , I was posting rhertorically ... why did M$ make Office and Access image handling different? :-)

as to the real issue at hand ... how to shrink the logo like you can in Word and add that to your Access reports ... you can size it in Word and then copy / paste it from Word onto your Access report (while in design mode), that creates a Word doc object on the report which you can then convert to a Word Picture object (right click, select document object convert).

Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Oh yeah Steve, I knew what you meant

Yeah, I'm still wondering why moving columns "Looks" slightly different in Windows Explorer, Outlook, Project, and Excel!

<If I resize down to 100 square in the image program the text is blurry and it prints bad>
..happend to me once as well. As soon as I got the image sized just right, we could not read the blurry text on the image.



the company I work for has a logo with text that is set at an angle with text set horizontally beneath it ... how bad do you think that looks when it gets shrunk :-)

I have been trying to get them to have someone make us a nice pretty icon for a long time by it just does not seem to matter what I use for icons in my app so I use the full blown logo in my splash :-)
Jeffrey CoachmanConnect With a Mentor MIS LiasonCommented:
OK, now you've both got me thinking...

Form what I know, Access uses an "OLE Server", which is basically the program Access uses to "render" the image
(Perhaps you could change it to a more rubust graphics program, with better rendering capabilities??)

The first link below is general, the other two are quite interesting as they go into depth about how images are actually stored/displayed.

Happy reading and Good Luck!
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