how to display image on report when i stored image's path in database

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I am using Crystal Report for Eclipse 3.2 (CR4E) . I stored image's path in database (mysql), now i need to get path and display image in report . How can i do it ? , please help me , thanks very much !!!!!!
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reku631Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi sakira0006,
> image's path in database

You can change an image from your calling application if you're using the RDC ( )

If you are using just Crystal then AFAIK you cannot change the image based on a path stored in the database.  You can store the image itself in the database and display it, but not a path to the image.
With Version 10 you are limited to inserting pictures (.jpg or .bmp files) or inserting/linking OLE Objects (bitmaps) from a static location.  For that reason, it is recommended that you store the actual image in a database field.  CR XI allows you to point to a location (on a web or file server, for example) for images.

Also try

You won't be able to do that - this feature is only supported in the newest versions of Crystal.  For older versions, the only way to handle this is to actually store the image itself (as a binary object) in the database and display it on the report that way.  The of course add a tremendous amount of size to your database and I don't know how well mySql will handle it.

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Crystal Reports for Eclipse is a free Eclipse plug in that allows you to create reports and embed them into your Java applications.  What version of Crystal do you have?  If it is CR10 or before then reku's link should resolve the issue.  If you have CR XI then you should be able to use the path straight from the database.

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