Problem with IP addresses and partitioned server

Hi old friends,
I installed and configured Domino partitioned server with 3 partitions (they share the same Domino dir but have own Data dirs).
My problem is that I can access only one server at the time (the one which sits on all IP addresses and listens on port 1352), when I try to access another one I get the message:
Connection denied. The server you connected to has a different name then the one requested.

I have one NIC (network card) with three static IP addresses.
In the Notes.ini of each server I have these lines describing NRPC ports (with proper port name and IP address, of course):

TCPIPDom1=TCP, 0, 15, 0

I have tried to delete connection docs, enter all three ports in each INI, name all three ports the same, ...

What should I do to bind the server to IP address (I want them to behave like I have three separate servers on three separate machines). To make the server listen on only one IP and to forget about other ones?
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Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
We used to have two servers on one Linux system, one with
or nothing in the notes.ini file, and the other with

To reach the first server from the second, there's no problem. To reach the second from the first, a Connection document was required with the full IP and port address:

All for the same IP-address, no port mapping, nothing fancy. It's probably not the proper way...
did you see this in the Admin help

This message may appear if a partitioned server uses TCP/IP port mapping.
  1.      If the destination server is sharing a network interface card with a port-mapping server, check that the port-mapping server is running. Domino can't establish a connection to a server sharing the port-mapping server's IP address unless the port-mapping server can redirect the traffic to the port the destination server is listening on.
  2.      Make sure that the port-mapping information in the NOTES.INI file is in the correct order. In the port-mapping server's NOTES.INI file, there are entries that reference the other partitioned servers on the computer. If the lines containing the port-mapping information are out-of-order, Domino displays the message "Server not responding" or "Server's name changed." Edit the port-mapping server's NOTES.INI file, and make sure that the partitioned servers are listed in numerical order, as in this example:
After modifying the NOTES.INI, stop and restart the server so that the changes take effect.
Note  When setting the NOTES.INI variables for Port Mapping, do not include a zone in a port mapped address. The zone is only valid locally.
  3.      Make sure that the port number appended to the destination server's IP address matches the port number in the NOTES.INI file on the destination server. Also, verify that the server name and organization are correct.
For example, this setting in the port-mapping server's NOTES.INI file assigns the destination server's IP address and port number:
The destination server's NOTES.INI file contains:

also in R7 Admin help

Partitioned servers and IP addresses  

When you set up a Domino partitioned server, it is usually best to assign a separate IP address to each partition and use a separate NIC for each. Using a separate NIC for each address can make the computer's I/O much faster.
Lotus Domino is designed to listen for TCP/IP connections on all NICs in a computer system. If more than one partition is hosting the same service (NRPC, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, LDAP, or HTTP), fine-tune which partitions listen for which connections by associating each service's TCP port with a specific IP address.
For more information on binding services to IP addresses, see the topics Binding an NRPC port to an IP address and Binding an Internet service to an IP address.
As an alternative to using a separate NIC for each IP address, you can use a single NIC and still assign a separate IP address to each partition.
For more information, see the Assigning separate IP addresses to partitions on a system with a single NIC.
If you are unable to assign a separate IP address to each partition, you can use port mapping.
For more information on port mapping, see the topic Configuring a partitioned server for one IP address and port mapping.
Note  As an alternative to port mapping, you can use port address translation (PAT), in which a firewall redirects the TCP port connection to a different TCP port. Both port mapping and PAT require advanced skills to implement correctly.
I hope this helps !
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mbonaciAuthor Commented:
Yes, I've read everything from the admin help (R6.5).
I'm using one NIC with 3 IP addresses.

I figured that the port mapping is used when you have only one IP address and you want to assign different ports to server partitions. I was so desparate that I've tried that but with different IP addresses, not ports, like this:
Didn't work. Same message.

Since my partitions are only sharing NRPC service I followed the directions from help doc "Binding an NRPC port to an IP address":
 - added the one Notes port (TCPIPDom1, TCPIPDom2, TCPIPDom3) in each server's doc
 - added in each INI:
     TCPIPDom1=TCP, 0, 15, 0

That's from help, but still the same message.

I think this line is crucial:
Lotus Domino is designed to listen for TCP/IP connections on all NICs in a computer system.
I can't get them to only use requests for one IP and discard the others.
When I type "sh port tcpipdom1" on server's console I get something like
listening on   *:1352

I think that Domino can't tell the difference between one NIC with 3 IP addresses and 3 NICs (each with different IP address)? It's not that, I think.
Sjef BosmanConnect With a Mentor Groupware ConsultantCommented:
Did you try to use THREE ports, as I described? If you did, you didn't follow the directions...

First server's ini:
     TCPIPDom1=TCP, 0, 15, 0

Second server's ini:
     TCPIPDom1=TCP, 0, 15, 0

Etc. The 2nd server should listen to a different portnumber. One serious drawback: all Notes clients directly connecting to the 2nd server should also use port 1353, unless you have some Network address translator that can reroute traffic.
mbonaciAuthor Commented:
Yes Sjef, I can make it work using one IP address and port mapping.

But I want each server to have it's own IP address, so that port remains 1352.

When I saw the admin help doc named "Assigning separate IP addresses to partitions on a system with single NIC" I said to myself once again: "The IBM help system is my God", and then I follow the instructions (from doc "Binding an NRPC port to an IP address") and ... you know the rest of the story...
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Okay, got it. The only thing I can tell you is that I tried the same once, and then I abandoned that path, because I didn't manage to get it to work :-(

I'll think about it, it puzzles me...
What's the operating system you're running Domino on?
mbonaciAuthor Commented:
Got it!
It seems that the problem was that I had the old Data folder (C:\Lotus\Domino\Data) of the server I uninstalled in order to install the partitioned one.
The partitioned server's program folder is C:\Lotus\Domino, and data folders are E:\Lotus\Domino\Data1, E:\Lotus\Domino\Data2 and E:\Lotus\Domino\Data3, so I guess that it loaded some settings from the old server's data folder.

After I formatted the C partition (maybe a bit overdone), installed fresh Win 2003 Server and over that fresh Domino 6.5 partitioned server everything worked fine from the start, after I followed the guides from help.

I'm giving you the points anyway, cuz' you couldn't have known the fact that I left the old parts laying around...
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Thanks Marko, most kind! I've always been skeptical about this, since I wasted many hours on the same problem (years ago, things may have changed in the meantime). The multi-port approach worked fine for us, but the multi-IP-address idea seems a lot better. Apparently it works... Good to know :-)
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