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Hi Guys,

I have nearly a hundred cisco switched dotted around my company, and many of them are fully patched even though a lot of the ports are not in use. Can anyone recommend a solution to finding out what ports don't get used for a couple of weeks, so that i can unpatch them, and hopefully make my servers rooms that little bit easier to manage

Thanks, Gavin
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grsteedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a program that is part of the Solarwinds Standard tool set called Switch Port Mapper. It does exactly what you're looking for. I've been using it on my current consulting gig to see when the last time a port was used to determine whether to migrate it to a new switch environment.

You can read about it here.

The Standard Toolset is $145 for a single user license, but that could pay for itself pretty quick.


There's no easy way to see what ISN'T being used. If the switches send logging info to a syslog server, you can parse the log every day for what IS being used. Unless you've told them not to, they should be sending link up/down traps for every port. Then deduce from that which ones aren't. If you know Perl, you could write a script that would parse it automatically every night and dump sorted results into a new file. And if you had the time to set it all up, you could even make the script do the unused port inference for you!

Please don't ask me to write such a script for you :-) But basically you would have it go through the entire syslog file, parse for link up/down messages, and then pull out the switch name and port and write them to a new file, sorted by switch name and port number.

Note that what this can't tell you is which ports are always up and therefore not sending link traps!
lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
2nd the motion for Solarwinds. I have Engineer's toolset and wouldn't leave home without it..
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Gavin5511Author Commented:
Possibly the best toolkit i've ever ever seen! lol!

Works great! Cheers guys (P.S. i went for the engineers kit, because my company paid. hardly going to go for the cheap one was i?)
I really need to look into Solarwinds! I see it mentioned constantly, yet I've never actually looked at it :-)
Gavin5511Author Commented:
oooh, dunno what your missing mate! i also use Solarwinds Orion to overview all our sites, and it's an amazing bit of kit. Thanks for the scripting idea by the way, but i'd rather let solarwinds do the scripting for me! :)
Thanks for the points!!!  Glad to help!!
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