Batch change the drive letter referenced in a ArcMap 9.1 Document (mxd)

Hello, thanks in advance for your help

I want to copy over all the files we use at the firm I work from the server onto my local drive on my laptop so I can carry them with me and work at home.

The maps and shapefiles are stored in a windows file system (as opposed to a GDB). My plan just to copy the entire top level directory onto my  C drive. Except for the rasters which I plan to burn to a DVD with the same file path that they are in on the server.

My question: Is there a way to batch change the drive reference used in the maps. Meaning if there is a map using a shape file stored in P:\GIS\Shapefiles\shapefile_x.shp is there a way to change the drive letter to C: w/o opening the map and doing it manually (there are hundreds of preexisting maps)..

thanks Allot

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elvistheprinceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm guessing from the context you are talking about ArcGIS .mxd files, I think if you open the mxd in ArcMap on the new PC then when all the layers show up with red exclamation marks you can then right click on them in the legend then goto data -> Set Datasource  and select the new location all of the other datasources in the same directory should be updated at the same time (of course this assumes that all of the shape files are stored in the same directory) this doesn't always work but it's a start.

Alternatively (sorry only just though of this) right click on the "top level directory" that you have copied the data to on you hard drive like c:\GIS Data for instance, select share and share it as say erm GIS_Data. Then (here comes the science) goto \\you_computer_name in explorer and you should see a folder called GIS_Data, right click and select "Map Network Drive..." and map it to drive P:, you should now have a new drive that mirrors the P: when connected to the network, of course this will get reset when you log back onto the network but you could always write a batch file that you could run when you wanted to do/undo it.
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