What's the best brand these days? Has anyone else noticed a SERIOUS DECLINE in quality of routers and modems in the last couple of years?

Hi guys,

I was just curious if anyone else has been getting hacked off with the quality of brand new routers/modems these days?

I install a lot of networks for small biz and home users.

1 small biz in particular has had 2 dead on arrival routers. 1 more died after 8 months usage. And now, a adsl modem I put in a week ago died and refused to come back on again. This is spread across two offices (so can't be power or dodgy wiring etc)

I won't mention any names or anything but suffice to say my recommending netgear days are over (whoops)

Anyone else seen this? Anyone recommend a good brand that doesn't sacrifice quality for price (i.e. made in china) ?

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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Dlink and linksys have actually improved.
I've never recommended Netgear for anything or anyone
ssbn628Connect With a Mentor Commented:
We run a wireless ISP with tons of these..we have tried them all...Linksys seems to work best for us..some other brands lose their saved static settings when power is lost at times..Linksys at least doesn't do that.
Are you still working on this? Can you close out this question before the cleanup crew gets around to it?
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