MS Application Blocks 2.0

I've used the application blocks for .Net 1.1 in the past.  I've finally gotten around to downloading and installing the application blocks 2.0 for .Net 2.0.  Everything is different!  The namespaces are different as well as the class names.

When looking for some basic tutorials on where to start with the new application blocks, all the sites I've found use the application blocks for .net 1.1.

Where can I find information/tutirals (non-microsoft - I have that info already) about applciation blocks 2.0?

note: the SqlHelper class no longer exists in 2.0 - any site that mentions that class is not using the 2.0 application block.  It appears as if the SqlHelper class may have been replaced with the DatabaseFactory class.

On a related note: I downloaded the enterprise library application blocks (1 msi that installed 7 or 8 application blocks - I did not download them each seperately; this may make a difference with the namespaces.)
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There are also many linked articles there
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_TAD_Author Commented:
I've already been there

>>Where can I find information/tutirals (non-microsoft - I have that info already) about applciation blocks 2.0?<<
_TAD_Author Commented:

The 4guysfromrolla site are referencing the 1.1 application blocks.
Interesting - I only looked at the header:

'This article highlights using the Data Access Application Block version 2.0'
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