Can SQL DTS (or script) FTP or HTTP, extract, and...

Can an SQL DTS package ftp (get) a password protected zip file, extracts the contents (Access 2000 database file) to a predetermined location so that the contents can be imported into SQL?  If so, I could use some help.  

SQL Server is SQL Server is Microsoft SQL Server 2000

(reworded from above for clarification)
The situation:  We are trying to automate the following process.
1)  FTP (get) a zip file (Less than 5mb in size)
2)  Extract the contents of the zip file (file is password protected).   <em>The file within the zip file is an access 2000 database file with about 15 tables.</em>
3)  Import these 15 tables into our SQL Server.

I need help with Step 2.  We already have a DTS package to handle step 1 and Step 3.  
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HillwaaaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No worries:

What I've suggested doing is using the command line verision of winzip to unzip your file.  There is a bunch of info on command line parameters here (

So basically what you want is to create a new "Execute Process" task, with the following:

win32 process = "c:\....\winzip32.exe"
Parameters = -e -s"Secret Password" filename[.zip] folder

Obviously you need to put in the correct path to winzip32.exe, and replace the password, filename and folder values.

Let us know how you go.
Hi dl8453,

Probably not the only way to do it, but you could use an "Execute Process" task to call the unzip

set the win32 process to be winRAR or Winzip and the parameters as the appropriate command line parameters.  For example the following creates a rar file of the northwind backup file.
A -df C:\data\northwind.rar C:\data\northwind.bak  

dl8453Author Commented:

I'm not technical enough to understand what you are suggesting above.  Can you elaborate or do you have a different approach?

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dl8453Author Commented:
Ahh.. thanks for the link.  I will check this out with my teammates.  We are supposed to meet tomorrow (Friday) so it may be next week before I can reply but I will let you know how it goes for us.

I'm pretty sure that I provided a workable solution for this - I use the same process in DTS in reverse (backup, zip and ftp) myself, just minus the password protection.
dl8453Author Commented:
My apologies on the delay of accepting your solution.  We decided to go another direction but your solution did work for the problem stated above.
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