Sharing forms between 2 menuitems and changing name property based on each selection using VB.Net 2003

I have a windows application (VS 2003) with a 2 menu item

Menu1 has the following submenus

Menu2 has the following submenus

Only one copy each of form1, form2 and form3 exist.
I want to be able to use the threee forms between the two submenus
so that when a user clicks on Menu1- form1 he gets this
and when a user clicks on Menu2 - form1 he still gets form1.
The name property should show where the form is been called.

I will be reading sqlconnection strings from the app.config file
and they each vary for Menu1 and Menu2(totally different)

How can I code this so that when the user clicks on Menu1 - form1,
the connectionstring from app.config is retrieved and when
user clicks on Menu2 - form1, another connection string from app.config is used.


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HillwaaaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
maybe something like

In form1

'declare variable
Dim calledFrom as String

'add sub
    Public Sub setCalledFrom(ByRef from As String)
        calledFrom = from
    End Sub

'in the onload:
if calledFrom = "Menu1" then
    'called from Menu1
    'called from Menu2
end if


and in the MenuItem click event, use:

form1.setCalledFrom("Menu1") or form1.setCalledFrom("Menu2") as appropriate.
Hi Sirdots,

in your menu item click event, set the name property of the form:

form1.Name = "Form1 - from menu1"

and from the other:

form1.Name = "Form1 - from menu2

SirdotsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Hillwaaa, Maybe I should explain better. I want to be able to determine where (i.e from which menuItem) the forms are been called. This is because

Menu1 - form1 has a different connection string

Menu2 - form2 has a differenct connection string.

I hope this helps.

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SirdotsAuthor Commented:
Thanks Hilwaaaa. Now what does the ByRef "from"  stand for?
Am I going to pass the name of Menu1?
No worries-  the "from" is just a string.

So when you click on Menu1 - form1, you would call the "setCalledFrom" function in form1 passing in this string, which can be whatever you want it to be, but the idea is that it indicates that the form was opened using Menu1.  This string then gets set to the "calledFrom" string - which should be a variable declared in form1.

Then when you are building your connection string, you can just use the IF statement to see if "calledFrom" indicates if the form was opened using menu1 or menu2.

Does that help?
SirdotsAuthor Commented:
Thanks. Now I am very close. What is happening is that I do not have access to the setCalledFrom("Menu1") if I do a  form1.setcalledFrom("Menu1")
from my menuclick event. I thought once I hit the dot it should give me the setCalledFrom in the intellisence but it is not doing that.

Did you set the "setCalledFrom" sub as "private"? - this will prevent access from your menuclick.  If so, change it to "public" or "friend".
Mohamed ZedanCommented:
May I suggest a different approach ?

in Form1 create a sub new(ConnectionString as string)
and that should be it !

Like so

public class Form1
'these are the new lines to add
              Private ConnString as string = string.empty
              Public sub New(ConnectionString as string) 'New In the form code
                     me.ConnString = ConnectionString
                     me.ConnectionVariable = new Connection(ConnString)

                     'where ConnectionVariable is  the name of the connection variable you have in the form
                     'new Connection --- should be new SqlConnection or whatever connection type you have in the form
              end sub

end class

in your menuItem Click event where you create the form do this

private sub Menu1Form1_click(sender as object, e as eventargs) handles
        dim frm as new form1("Menu1 Connection String should go here")
end sub

private sub Menu2Form1_click(sender as object, e as eventargs) handles
        dim frm as new form1("Menu2 Connection String should go here")
end sub

this should do it for you :)
Mohamed ZedanCommented:
note that you need to reinitialize your database objects after setting the new connection string
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