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I want to make an RSS feed.  What I want it to do is first log into a site, get values from a specific HTML page, and then put these values into the feed.  Using PHP, Perl, Ruby or Java, does anyone know a way that I can fetch a HTML page from an external web site (remembering that it will need to provide some authentication first)?

Specifically what I'm looking for is a way to fetch a page behind authentication automatically, using my username and password for the site, and to basically save that page to my server so that I can work on pulling out the values I want.
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dasmaerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
using cookies has nothing to do with HTTP auth.

Try this, forcing wget to use the cookie you want. Specify cookies off and then the cookie name and value (see:  

Example: wget --cookies=off --header="Cookie: LOGIN=username:passwordhash"

where password hash is either a plain text password or the hashed password in your cookie.
Mr_LenehanAuthor Commented:
also, it could use any unix/linux program such as wget as this could be set as this could be activated from within the coded solution.
wget can do it...
   wget --help

you'll see it can do HTTP authentication, and also cookie loading - so you'd need to find your cookie placed by the site at log in.
Mr_LenehanAuthor Commented:
I tried that... I pointed wget at the location of the cookie and it didn't work! (the site doesn't use HTTP authentication)

Maybe there's a different way? programmatically?
Mr_LenehanAuthor Commented:
Result! Using php shell_exec I can get this to fetch my page (well, not my page but that page I want). Cheers.
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