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Good journals, publications, or magazines for the field of Networking?


I am thinking of moving into the field of networking. Could you please point out some reputable networking journals, publications, or magazines that I should subscribe to?
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>>I am thinking of moving into the field of networking

If you are totally new to networking then start from books rather than magazines. Read any basic CCNA book
Yes, I too would definately recommend picking up a CCNA study book....better yet you could check with your local community college for CCNA courses, many offer them.


http://www.networkworld.com/ - is a pretty good general magazine. Fill out a survey and recieve 50 free printed copies.

http://www.networkcomputing.com/ another good one


http://www.windowsecurity.com/ - windows security focused

http://www.sans.org/ - security focused

might want to get some "microsoft alternative" input aswell.
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Not to try and discourage you,but the IT business stinks in terms of opportunity and will contimue to do so for at least the next couple of years.

I would not encourage anybody starting out looking for a careerpath to get into IT.

It is going the same way that the steel industry went in the 70's and 80's.

Find something that can't be outsourced to a different country so easily.

Police,Medicine,BioTech,engineering are all fields that are worth looking into.

IT is a dead end in the US.
Thanks for the cold water pgm :) Maybe my situation is different but I enjoy the IT field and haven’t missed any meals. Although I would recommend trying to learn more then just the networking field...  Even though it’s not specifically network focused I enjoy the Information Week magazine (see www.informationweek.com ) for general reading. If you want to actually learn something thought defiantly get a good book on networking and read it cover to cover…

Good Luck!
Jake Bushnell

IT Manger for:

TrussTek Inc
Meadow Lark Log Homes

This page, http://www.cisco.com/web/about/ac123/ac114/about_cisco_packet_magazine.html, has about 15 links to sites at the bottom of it.  I've pasted them in here, but they're not links.  Go to the link above to access the links below ;)

Networking Professionals Connection
Cisco IT@Work
Networkers Online
The Internet Protocol Journal
Cisco Technical Support Newsletter
Technical Support and Documentation
Learning and Events
Google Groups: comp.dcom.sys.cisco
Cisco Learning Connection
Cisco Certifications Community
Just to bring attention to worsening conditions for IT workers in general,the number of IT jobs is expected to shrink over the next 10 years because of outsourcing.

I belong to the San Francisco Networking Users Group and things aren't so great in the heart of the Silicon Valley.

I personally know quite a few people over at Sun Microsystems have been "downsized" because of outsourcing.

Many of the members know good programmers that have been laid off and can't get squat,while stuck with a large education loan to pay off.

Enrollment for computer science at places like MIT is is down.

If places like MIT are seeing a drop in compsci majors,you know something is up.

You have Bill Gates giving "Rah,Rah" speeches for more people to go into compsci ,but more and more IT work is  being shipped overseas .

Would you want to bet a $120K education debt  on something that is becoming the next steel industry?


if you noticed wnexpert posted this in the networking TA not the programming TA
It's the San Francisco NETWORKING Technology Users Group.

You think sysadmins and networking folks aren't affected?

Try calling up Linksys,Netgear,CA, or Symantec for tech support.

The only major company that gets me on shore support is 3Com and that is only after I get passed through to an  Indian call center.

You're talking to Mumbai and Bangalore to people named Tony ,whose name is about as genuine as a Rolex watch bought at the San Jose flea market.

It's an across the board problem, be it programming ,networking or general IT work.

Unless there is a general consensus among the high tech workers in the US,that there is a problem,the IT work in the US will continue to diminish.

Remember the saying, it's not a depression until you're unemployed.

It's still 7 to 8% unemployment in the tech sector out here.

If that were a general number.Bush would have been impeached a few years ago.

We, as high tech workers, don't think of our industry as a whole.

Management uses a "divide and conquer" strategy quite well.

You can't offshore a plumber or a nurse (yet).

>>You can't offshore a plumber or a nurse (yet).

But you can import them ... from South of the Border.
Yeah,I know,I live in California.

To quote comedian Bobby Slayton when asked about his trip to Mexico City and how it compared to L.A.:

There are more Mexicans in L.A.

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