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Regular Expression Needed

I am looking for the Perl Regular Expression to strip part of an HTTP request out.

Basically take the following request examples:

1) GET /index.html HTTP/1.1
2) GET /dir/test.asp?param=value HTTP/1.1
3) POST /dir/dir/dir/test.php HTTP/1.1
4) GET /dir/index.js HTTP/1.1
5) POST /dir/dir/post.asp?param=value HTTP/1.1
6) GET /dir/images/index.jpg HTTP/1.1
7) GET / HTTP/1.1
8) GET /test/script HTTP/1.1

I would like a regular expression that would give me the actual page name. For each one I would like the following to be in Group 1.

1) index.html
2) test.asp
3) test.php
4) index.js
5) post.asp
6) index.jpg
7) /
8) script

I don't care about the number or names of directories unless there is no specific resource name.
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1 Solution
Is the
part of the request example and the output you want?
# the following regex works for your test data.  The only thing is the single '/' is returned as a blank.
# i personally don't know how to return the '/' in that case with only a regex, if I used some if () else() then i could

# if you DO NOT want the 1), 2) etc...
if (m#/([\w\.]*)(?:\?[\w\=])?\sHTTP/1.1#) { print "$1\n"; }

# if you do want them
if (m#^(\d+\)\s).*/([\w\.]*)(?:\?[\w\=])?\sHTTP/1.1#) { print "$1$2\n"; }
mikedgibsonAuthor Commented:
No I do not want the 1) and 2) included I was just showing that that output corresponded to the matching input.
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in the case of mine, you may have to edit the [\w\=] to accept whatever is acceptable in "param=value"
mikedgibsonAuthor Commented:
It doesn't need to be just a regex .. If you ned to use if() else () then that is fine as well
while( <DATA> ){
    print "$1\n" if m#(?=/)(?:\S*/)?([^?\s]+)[\s?]#
GET /index.html HTTP/1.1
GET /dir/test.asp?param=value HTTP/1.1
POST /dir/dir/dir/test.php HTTP/1.1
GET /dir/index.js HTTP/1.1
POST /dir/dir/post.asp?param=value HTTP/1.1
GET /dir/images/index.jpg HTTP/1.1
GET / HTTP/1.1
GET /test/script HTTP/1.1
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