Computer doesn't recognize mp3 player

I have a MP3 player that hooks up to my computer via a USB port.  It used to work perfectly.  But now when I plug it in, the computer says it has found new hardware, but when I download, there is no MP3 layer listed.  I click on computers and it is not recognized.   The same for a flash drive that I have.  The computer doesn't list it.

Also not sure if this is related, but when I put in a used to bring up a selection for which player to use.  Now nothing pops up.  I have to manually go to a player and click on Play what's in DVD or CD player.  

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☠ MASQ ☠Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The issues may be linked but let's try to get the MP3 player up first.  Are you connecting it to the same USB port on your PC?  If so probably the quickest fix will be to rerun the installation software that came with it.  Uninstall any software that connects the player first, then reboot with it disconnected.  Run the install package and then either reconnect it immediately or reboot and reconnect depending on the message that comes up after the install.
reotwo1Author Commented:
I'm at work right now.  I will try when I get home.  Just kiind of wondering why it won't recognize either the mp3 player or the flash drive.

☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
It's possible there's either a hardware problem or the USB hub drivers or even registry are messed up for some reason (recent software install/upgrade??) but let's start with the simplest first ;)
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As Masqueraid says, the drivers need to be reloaded.  You could also try refreshing the Motherboard Chipset drivers too (before reloading the specific MP3 drivers), particularly if this is a USB2 compatible device and you have USB2 on your pc.  The USB slots at the back are often of a better spec than the ones at the front of the case.

Is this a Creative MP3 player?  I had problems with my (now ancient) Jukebox Zen doing this.  Downloaded newer drivers from their website did the trick.
2 things I can think up:
1. Safely remove the hardware (the windows way)
2. Press windowskey+pause and see if it shows as an unknown device. If so you need to reload the driver. You can do so there
reotwo1Author Commented:
I found a CD rom driver disk that I had and reloaded it.  Rebooted and it seems to be working now.   The MP3 player that I have is an IAUDIO X5 by COWON.  It seems OK now.

But I'm still having trouble with my DVD player.  I'm getting a picture now but no audio.

You prolly just need a proper audio codec for that.
something like this
reotwo1Author Commented:
I have the X-FI Platinum Sound Blaster installed.  Shouldn't that take care of the audio on the DVD player?

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