Offline Defrag timeline Exchange 2003

How much time should I allow for an offline defrag of a private information store that is approximately 15 Gig?
Also, I'm looking for experience with this on how it may benefit performance and disk space.

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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Offline defrags is not something that Microsoft recommend being carried out on a regular basis. There is a school of thought (and a product - GoExchange) that tends to disagree, but I tend to go with Microsoft on this one.

I don't do offline defrags unless

- I have hit the 16gb limit in Exchange 2000 or older
- I am going to get back at least 50% of the space AND there is no possibility of that space being used again
- I am directed to by Microsoft support.

Otherwise I feel that they are a waste of time and no benefit.

The general feeling on the time is that it runs along at between 1 and 4 gb per hour, depending on the hardware.
Also don't forget that you need to have at least 1.5 times the amount of space in free continuous space. So a 15gb store would need around 20gb of free space, plus space for a copy of the original files.

Why are you doing an offline defrag first of all?

What does Event 1221 say, are you going to get back 5GB?

If not, don't bother doing an offline defrag.

If so, then an offline defrag is going to take between 3 and maybe 5 hours for that store.

Here is a great guide on getting it to happen ->

mcrosslandAuthor Commented:
Thanks Simon!
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