Insert a textbox into a span

I have a textbox object that I create like this:

        var _textbox = document.createElement ("input");
        _textbox.setAttribute ('type', 'text');
        _textbox.setAttribute ('id', name);
        _textbox.value = value;  = name;

Assuming I have a <span> on the page and have already assigned that to an object, what I want to do is insert that textbox into the span, something like this:

        _span.innerHTML = _textbox;

Doing the above causes this to display on the page (not a textbox):


I'm aware that use the innerHTML property and "spell out" the HTML (i.e. <input name="somename" ... /> but I imagine that there must be some way to insert the object, and have it render the HTML for me, that's what I'm looking for.

Any help would be appreciated.
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DonKylesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ok my final answer for this answer

why don't you hidding the textbox in that field frist when the user do somthing then you visible that textbox

<span><input type="text" name="txtTestSpan" value="Test Span" style="visibility:hidden;"></span>

on the javascript when the user click or do something

function visibleTextBox()
      document.poppedLayer = eval('document.all[\'txtTestSpan\']'); = "visible";
toddhdAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion, but that's not what I'm looking for. The javascript needs to be portable, and I need to be able to pass any given span object at it, and then insert a textbox in there. I can't assume there will be a texbox in the span tag to begin with, I need to insert it. I will later want to change its properties and respond to events, which is easier to do with it being an object.
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How about this way

_span.innerHTML = '<input type="text" id="' + name + '" value="' + value + '">';
toddhdAuthor Commented:
Thanks Don - again, if you re-read the original question, I noted that I already know I can "spell out" the <input> as HTML. The question is, can I create a textbox object, and then insert that object into a given <span>?
Hi toddhd,

_textbox is an object and hence u get the display as u have seen.

You can simply add it as follows

var text = "button";
var name = "button1";
var value = "somevalue";
_span.innerHTML = "<input type='"+text+"' id='"+name+"' value='"+value+"' name='"+name+"'>";

Use appendChild. Like this:

                  <title>Script Demo Gops</title>
                  <script language="javascript">
                        function createText(){
                              var _textbox = document.createElement ("input");
                              _textbox.setAttribute ('type', 'text');
                              _textbox.setAttribute ('id', 'name');
                              _textbox.value = 'value';
                      = 'name';
      <span id="txtCont"></span>
      <br><input type="button" value="Create" onClick="createText()">
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