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I have a "Work Shifts" table layout which is related to and accessed from my "Customer" table layout, casuing the customer name and ID number fields to be automatically populated by means of a script and a lookup. I must then select up to three contractors who will work on this shift in the Contractors fields, which are drop down boxes from a Contractors value list. My problem is updating the ContactorsID fields with up to three individual ID numbers. The aim is to also show the shift details in a portal on the "Contactors" layout via a ContractorsID reltionship between the "Contractors" and "Work Shifts" tables. In this way I can see a summary of what shifts each contractor works in the "Contractors" layout.

Obviously if I have three differet contractors I need three different ContractorID values on the same form, but if I have three diferent ContractorID fields (ContractorID1, ContractorID2 etc) then how can I make the relationship between the "Work Shifts" and the "Contractors" Tables?

Any help is much appreciated. I am reasonably new to all this and not at all versed in SQL, so I a hoping for a script based solution and an explanation that asummed beginner status.

Many thanks!


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jvaldesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In order to get a reference to work you need to add two copies of the comperes table one named "comperes 1" and the other named "comperes 2" . do this by going to the relationship screen selecting the comperes table then clicking the duplicate table button on the bottom left and typing the correct table name as above.

Now create a relationship between the shifts table and comperes table by linking the compere1 field to the fullname on the comperes 1 table and repeating the same for the comperes2 field in shifts and the fullname field in the comperes 2 table. Now that you have two different references into the comperes table go to the shifts layout and change the current top comperesID field for the one in the comperes 1 table and the lower comperesID field for the one in the table comperes 2 and like magis you should have the problem solved.

That also created two entries in the shifts portal.

I made changes in  your file and left it at

Let me know if you need any more help
you need a 3rd table, let's call it contractor_shifts.
it can only contain the contractor_ID and the shiftID.
everytime you schedule a contractor for a given shift, you should create a new record in this table.
this way you can view contractors for a given shift, and/or the shifts for a given contractor from within their respective layouts.
more help if you show me your file.
afbaerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, lesouef but I still don't quite get it. Showing you my table is a great idea but how do I do this?
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can you post it on a web or ftp site?
afbaerAuthor Commented:
OK, you can get it at Go to "Cutomers" Layout and select "Shifts" . Select "+" button bottom right of screen to add a shift. The customer name and ID are automatically added. Now I need to be able to select two comperes to work this shift and have their individual ID numbers automatically appear. In this way their shift also appears in the "Comperes" layout "Shifts" portal.
I thought I had understood yr problem, but I am just confused now that I saw your file, and even more with the example of jvaldes! or I am stupid, either...
First your file does not match the pb: what is a compere? the contractor?
then what do you need gamesshifts for?

jvaldes, how would you handle a 3rd, a 4th compere?
See my mod of your file for a solution with a 3rd table to be able to cope with any amount of comperes.
The only non smart thing is the way to get the shifts compere_list updated in the shift. Actually this could be automatic if you'd use an event plug-in to update the list everytime a field is altered. So far, use th update button underneath the compere list in the shift layout
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