I have a Sunblade 150 with solaris 9.0.

I would like to boot from CDROM as I want to install Linux.

Can you please tell me how do I boot from CDROM


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jekl2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Here are som other methods to get the ok prompt

1. by pressing Stop A key sequence on a Sun Keyboard.
2. typing #init 0 if your system boots up directly .
3. Pressing ctrl-break or shift-break on a pc keyboard if using pc as
   console through serial port.
4. If auto-boot feature is enabled system directly boots up
   and gives you a # prompt .You can disable auto-boot so next time it  
   stays at ok prompt for starting installation.
   #/usr/platform/sun4u/bin/eeprom auto-boot?=false
   reboot the system.
You can do and "init 0"  which should bring you to the ok> prompt. Then enter "boot cdrom"
fluidynAuthor Commented:

unfortunately I think I made a mistake.

the system was hanging and I had to hardboot it and when I switched it on
it displays

"type control-d to proceed with normal setup" or
root password for system maintenance

I give control-d & it asks me enter run level (0-6,so or S)

0-6 does not work so I gave s or S and it arrives at prompt #

and then init 0 does not work

How do I go back to normal boot as before it was displaying the graphical environment ?


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fluidynAuthor Commented:
ok I am able to boot
can you please tell me which version of Linux is compatible with this system ?

I am not real sure as I dont do allot with Linux, but I would think that most versions would work but there is a possibility you may have to add some drivers.
NukfrorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ummmmm its very much more then a driver issue.  - OK not Linux but VERY nice OS never the less  - ibid - but only if you had a T1 based server

Actually why not try out OpenSolaris ?  In a number of ways its better then Linux.
javeedabdulConnect With a Mentor Commented:
solaris 8 9 and 10
for 10 you might need to add a patch ot upgrade OBP i believe Patch Id: 119235-01

linux i would try Redhat3 or 4
or centos

or suse linux

try to install solaris 10 and work on it. by  look of the model i think its a old system. u might want to practice may be

get on solaris 10 very cool

this is what i would do if i have that system or if you lend me the system

hello ?
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