Citrix session displaying Chinese Characters in the view though database is housing Western Characters


I am asking this question to see if anyone else has seen a similar behaviour.

Basically the application I support is showing a strange behaviour through a citrix session. On the same PC that is running the citrix client, the application works fine outside of the session. Other machines running the same application through a citrix session will work ok.

This would imply that the issue IS citrix client related AND a change of configuration on the PC.

Now the behaviour is typing in text. When it is saved into the SQL database (2000 or 2005) and viewed again in the application, it appears to be in Chinese characters.

The database has been checked and the data is still as it should be (And doesn't support 2 byte character sets anyway).
Our application uses a codeset of 1252
The citrix client has been removed and different versions have been tried but to no avail.
It is only happening on field types of 'text' in SQL (varchars, integers etcetera are all fine)

I'm thinking it is related to the unicode and the codeset being changed with maybe another application install. But I do not know exactly. I do not know what config setting might of changed on the PC to affect this.

I know it is a long shot, but I thought I'd check if anyone else has had his experience or any ideas to resolve it short of a rebuild.


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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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Does the application require any additional non-standard Windows fonts?  It may be profile related too.  Does the affected user(s) have any regional settings set?
ricky10Author Commented:
Thank you for the reply.

The application does not have any additional non-standard Windows fonts. The Regional settings are all UK (and applied to all profiles and default). The various codesets have been added and removed. And compared to a machine that is fine. It is just strange.

PC1: Outside of Citrix, running the app client is fine. Through the citrix session it is not.

This makes you think it is something on the citrix server.

PC2: Goes through the citrix session, running the same app client and works fine!

This makes you think that the citrix server is fine.

So what is the citrix client changing to PC1, whilst not affecting the app outside the client?

I'm confused!!!!!!!!!
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Ricky10, this is a longshot...  Are you using McAfee 8.0i on PC1?  If so, which patch are you using (right-click the icon, select about, scroll to bottom)?  Was PC1 ever working properly from Citrix (before or after regional settings were modified)?
ricky10Author Commented:
Hi Chris

Sorry for the delay. I thought everyone had given up on this one.

The machine is using McAfee version 8.00912. (I've been told that this was rolled out roughly the time the issue was reported, so there could be a link. To counter that 8 machines have this version of McAfee running, 6 have the issue, 2 are fine)

PC1 did previously work.

What do you believe the significance of McAfee is to the issue?

Thanks for hanging in there!

There is a strange bug that if the user has version 8.0i without patch 11, some strange printer (GDI) issues occur (the job goes through the server spooler, but never makes it back to the client), which is why I thought it may be worth it to try to patch PC1 to see if this resolves the issue.  

Are there any PCL6 printer drivers on the client?  They sometimes cause strange behaviors as well.  Let me know if patch 11 resolves or doesn't resolve the issue and we can proceed to troubleshoot something else.  

ricky10Author Commented:

I got to the bottom of the issue.

It was an issue running Dual Display. Basically disabling the dual display allowed the characters to be fine.

I am going to try lowering the screen resolution to see if that also makes a difference.

Thanks for taking a look for me though.
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