VPN Please help cannot access shares

Hi Experts

Any help appreciated.

I have 2 win2k3 servers at different locations

I connect server A to server B over internet VPN

Port forward 1723 on linksys router on server B

connects - authenticates - logs in no problem at all

Server B is a DHCP server to incoming connections.

I can use VNC to connect to server B using a lan IP

BUT I cannot access any of the network shares on server B

I tried DMZ very quickly and with no luck then turned it off again.

I can VNC backward and forward between both server a and b so I am guessing that the TCP Protocol is getting through ok.

I can ping no problem at all

any ideas??

Thanks very much.
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jjoseph_xConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can telnet to the machine locally, but you can't access port 23 over the VPN?

As for drive mapping, port 445 TCP is used for SMB in windows 2000+ (otherwise it will use 135 tcp, and 138 and 139 UDP).

Just of the heck of it, try disabling NetBIOS over TCP for the connection (go to the properties of TCP/IP for the connection, go to the WINS tab and select the "disable NetBIOS over TCP" radio button.

If you try to access the machines via the IP like \\ do you see their shares?   Because it could be a name resolution issue.
nikdonovanauAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that - I cant access any network shares using names or ip addresses. I get the error 'no network provider accepted the given path'
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It sounds like NetBIOS (SMB) might not be blocked.  How are you making the VPN connection?
nikdonovanauAuthor Commented:
Thanks jjoseph_x
Sorry for the delay. My firewall setup is:
 Linksys ADSL 2 Router with http & mail ports open and forward to server -> D-Link VPN Router (in Linksys DMZ) forward vpn to server -> server with no software firewall.
The strange thing is I can ping 'server' and it resolves to and I get 0% packet loss.
I can even VNC direct by typing 'server' in the connection box.
trying to connect via cmd I get error 67
I cannot telnet to 'server' over VPN but locally I can
Thanks again for you help thus far.
Hmmm.  So VNC works fine, but telnet does not?  It really sounds like ports are being blocked (there's no other for VNC - port 5900 - to work and not telnet).

Are you sure that there are no firewalls on that box?  Not even the Microsoft built-in firewall?
nikdonovanauAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply,

I have done a port scan over the VPN connection and the following ports are open


Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks again
nikdonovanauAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your help experts. I was in an environment where I could not restart the server. However what I did to solve the problem is to wait until the slowest possible time, kick everyone off and reboot the server. Something so simple can be so hard sometimes.
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