EURO currency symbol with decimal point instead of a comma

In ASP.NET with C# I show amounts with a currency sign
I take the currency sign from the culture, (I have different countries so I change the culture according to the
country when I want to show an amount with sign).
Anyhow when I show a EURO sign from some countries in EUROPE  - Netherlands,Belgium and others with culture
like  'nl-NL' or 'nl-BE' and I show it with the C format in the screen

Text='<%# Bind("Amount", "{0,15:C}") %>  
or printing like
 AmountCrdStr = String.Format("{0,15:C}", AmountCrd);

I get the following result:     € 1.500,00

The problem is that I want it to appear like this:  € 1,500.00
first the comma , and then the decimal fullstop.
Although I guess this is what accepted in EUROPE I need to show it in this way.
Is their a culture that shows the amount with the currency sign on the left and a comma sign?
I need an urgent answer
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Bob LearnedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That wouldn't give you the EURO symbol for currency.  You would need to set the CurrencySymbol:

        NumberFormatInfo nfiUS = new CultureInfo( "en-US", false).NumberFormat;
        NumberFormatInfo nfiIE = new CultureInfo("en-IE", false).NumberFormat;
        nfiUS.CurrencySymbol = nfiIE.CurrencySymbol;

can you check this example from msdn
public static void Main() {

      // Gets a NumberFormatInfo associated with the en-US culture.
      NumberFormatInfo nfi = new CultureInfo( "en-US", false ).NumberFormat;

      // Displays a value with the default separator (",").
      Int64 myInt = 123456789;
      Console.WriteLine( myInt.ToString( "C", nfi ) );

      // Displays the same value with a blank as the separator.
      nfi.CurrencyGroupSeparator = " ";
      Console.WriteLine( myInt.ToString( "C", nfi ) );

&euro; {0:0,0}
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Bob LearnedCommented:

I used that as the dataformatstring setting on a gridview displaying € 1,500 etc

DataFormatString="&amp;euro; {0:0,0}"

(where &amp = "&" & "amp" concatenated)

Culture setting on the system is as follows, incidentally:
<globalization uiCulture="en-IE" culture="en-IE"/>

The sample from msdn just illustrates the numeric formatting in currency conversion. Its upto you which culture you use to get the currency symbol.

ANAT2403Author Commented:
The most important thing I learned from you and is waht I was looking for is the culture that shows comma , instead of the . stop whic is "en-IE" the culture of Ireland. and this wrote TheLearnedOne .
before I five the points I wuold like to ask id there is a way of forcing a specific culture let's say another culture not
the EURO to change the sign symbol of , or . and also the place of the currency sign to be from left or right. for example the euro sign of spain is in the left side.
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