unable to run Dotnetnuke starterkit from the IDE


I installed dotnetnuke starterkit and made a new dotnetnuke website project in Visual studio 2005.
I renamed the file relaese.config into web.config and  press ctrl+F5.
After the build secceed message in VS I saw the installation process in internet explorer.
At the bottom of the page there was a message "installation succeed" and a link to a portal.

When I click this link I get an error page in IE "the page cannot be displayed" ... DNR error. The url is "http://localhost:3950/dst/"

I stopped the site and try again to "run without debugging" but still the same.

I use th edefault database and default settings. I did not made more change.

How can I do run the website from Visual studio2005.

Thank you
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Computer101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
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Hi ,
delete all the dll and compile it again
and run
b u d d h a
PHDAuthor Commented:
You say : delete all dll in the bin directory and rebuild the project ?
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PHDAuthor Commented:
I deleted all dll in the bin folder of the website and after I made a reduilb all but now the build failed because namespace are missing ...

just name all the namesapces and rebuld the solution
if any clss file are used first build that and then go for solution

b u d d h a
PHDAuthor Commented:
Here is the solition that I found :

Add this line in the web.config in the appsettings section :  <add key="UsePortNumber" value="True" />
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