exchange public folder access going to different server in different site


I have 2 exchange servers in 2 AD sites. The relevant public folders are replicated to both servers in both sites.

When a user in site 2, who'd mailbox is on the server in site 2 tries to access a public folder replicated to site 2, MS Outlook is connecting to the server in site 1 for public folder access. Due to these sites being seperated by a WAN, access to the public folders is very slow.

How can I force them to access the public folders on the local server?

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rakeshmiglaniConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What is the default public folder store specified in the mailbox store properties on the exchange server in site 2?
InteraXAuthor Commented:

I had it set via a policy applied to ALL my servers. Changed it back and it's all OK now.

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