Linux Fedora Core 4/5 upgrade failure, need help


I have a big problem. I had an active FC4 installation that was working.

I upgraded the system to FC5, and the system won't boot, saying unable to mount the partition.

I tried using FC5's rescue mode, my information are still in the HD, so I should be able to move them out and start fresh again.

However, there is no Samba, in Resue mode, is there?

The major question is, Is it possible to repair this situation?
Or is there a live CD that can tap into my system's hd and allow me to smb the information back on to other computers on my network?

(I have a Windows Network, that's why I need smb function).

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dasmaerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should be able to use mount to mount up your partitions using the tutorial I pointed to earlier... so then you could boot into normal mode as the partition's will mount.

If not, from the terminal in rescue mode, you should be able to type "kdm" to get KDE up and running (and hopefully with Samba running too).
Hi Samson

It sounds like somehow your /etc/fstab has become messed with. In rescue mode try doing:

fdisk -l

This should show you what partitions are configured at boot. Have a look at this article: It's aimed at getting a FAT32 or NTFS partition mounted, but there is no reason why you can;t apply the same method (with appropriate differing values) to get a ext3/2 fs mounted.

Have a shot and post back.

SamsonChungAuthor Commented:

I'll go and try this as soon as I can get access back to my system....

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SamsonChungAuthor Commented:

I tried it, i got hda1 and hda2.

my system's hd is mounted. Is there a way to smb the files in rescue mode to my windows file spaces?
SamsonChungAuthor Commented:

I will try that tonight.

(I was using SSH to my other FC5.... lol it was annoying....)
SamsonChungAuthor Commented:

the following is what I did.

load up using Rescue linux on the FC 5 DVD.

English, us keyboard
enabled DHCP on network

chroot /mnt/sysimage


system loads and no response. but the prompt continue to function.

I then tried it with the FC5 Rescue CD, same thing.

How did you get KDE to work?
SamsonChungAuthor Commented:

didn't solve my problem, but atleast I learnt that I shouldn't have upgraded it like that.

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