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Aol Email getting stuck in the Queue-Exchange 2003

Oh AOL, how I wish you just go away!

AOL email addresses are getting stuck in my queue in Exchange 2003. I've done the following so far:

Ran nslookup aol.com.
I got this message:
Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    aol.com

Ran a report on DNSReport.com

Everything passed except:
ERROR: One or more of your mailservers does not accept mail to postmaster@mydomain.com. Mailservers are required (RFC822 6.3, RFC1123 5.2.7, and RFC2821 4.5.1) to accept mail to postmaster.

I've tried to force the connection and the messages still stay in the queue.


1 Solution
AOL have some good troubleshooting information on their site.

Add a postmaster@yourdomain.com email address to your AD account.  Or someone else's.
Log in to your Exchange Server, and perform a manual SMTP connection to aol using the telnet client.


You'll want to do an NS lookup on AOL.com with "type=MX" set.  That will tell you the MX servers you are seeing for AOL.

Following the manual SMTP process you can more than likely see what error, if any, you are recieving from AOL, and should get a good idea why mail is staying in queue for them.


dskillin@storm ~ $ nslookup
> set type=mx
> aol.com

aol.com mail exchanger = 15 mailin-02.mx.aol.com.
aol.com mail exchanger = 15 mailin-03.mx.aol.com.
aol.com mail exchanger = 15 mailin-04.mx.aol.com.
aol.com mail exchanger = 15 mailin-01.mx.aol.com.
> exit

dskillin@storm ~ $ telnet mailin-02.mx.aol.com 25
Connected to mailin-02.mx.aol.com.
Escape character is '^]'.
220-rly-yb02.mx.aol.com ESMTP mail_relay_in-yb2.2; Thu, 30 Nov 2006 14:12:35 -0500
220-America Online (AOL) and its affiliated companies do not
220-     authorize the use of its proprietary computers and computer
220-     networks to accept, transmit, or distribute unsolicited bulk
220-     e-mail sent from the internet.  Effective immediately:  AOL
220-     may no longer accept connections from IP addresses which
220      have no reverse-DNS (PTR record) assigned.
helo storm.removed.com
250 rly-yb02.mx.aol.com OK
mail from:<dskillin@removed.com>
250 OK
rcpt to:<postmaster@removed.com>

I would expect to see the RELAYING DENIED, as I was sending to my own postmaster account, not AOL's.

AOL is also picky about who they will accept mail from.  Check your reverse DNS listings, what are you announcing as your mail server banner?  Does that match your Reverse dns listing?  Are you using a dynamic ip address?

Also go here: http://www.robtex.com/rbls/ type your mailserver ip address in and make sure you are not on any RBL's.  AOL does use Realtime Black Lists.
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