want to stop all downloading from the internet,

I have a 10 system computer lap with kids, and do not want ANYONE to download ANYTHING.  is there a free way to do this, or some cheap way?  thank you
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You can use the program Netlimiter to limit the speed of downloading in particular programs (e.g. bittorrent, emule, ...)
bsjldAuthor Commented:
what exactly does it do
Here is the link http://www.netlimiter.com/.

there is written:
>>statistical tool
>>This feature lets you to track your internet traffic history since you've installed NetLimiter 2.
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I'm using only Netlimiter. You can limit the traffic on particular TCP port (upload or download)

Netlimiter 2 could possibly deserve to your purposes.

You may need to be more specific in your terms here...

1. disable the network connections (no downloading)
2. disable all incoming network connections (no downloading)

Do you want the kids to be able to see the internet?  Do you want the kids to be able to see webpages?  All webpages "download" to the browser to be able to be read.

If you don't want the kids to be able to download anything permamently, then use any of the LiveCD OS's floating around, PCLinux is one of my favorites but there are others.  They basically run off a CD and the kids can do NOTHING to the OS or the system, all the system is stored in RAM and goes POOF when the machine is rebooted.

For commercial products, McAfee has good internet controls on what can come through the system.  There are controls built into most browsers on this issue, but they can be gotten around by savvy kids.
If you are using Internet Explorer and you are simply wanting to prevent files from being downloaded, then you can do the following:

Open Internet Explorer

Click Tools >> Internet Options >> Security tab >> Custom Level button

Scroll down to where it says "Downloads" and select the Disable radio button for downloading files.

Hit the appropriate OK buttons.

Note:  You will have to be logged on with administrative rights to make these changes.

bsjldAuthor Commented:
did that, this is doen not stop it all
What types of objects would you like to prevent your kids to download? Video, music, images, programs, ...?
bsjldAuthor Commented:
all of the abouve would be cool
You can use this software to monitor what pages are your kids viewing and then forbid undesired pages. http://www.controlkids.com/features.html

If you don't want them to download via other programs (DC++, bittorent, etc.), you can block particular ports in firewall.

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